Best Cheap Eats On Oahu

If you are planning to go to Hawaii on a budget, here are the best cheap eateries on Oahu!

Kahuku Food Trucks

You will find a range of different types of food, from garlic shrimp to Thai food, Chinese food, and Mexican food. Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck has both mini and regular-size plates full of jumbo-size shrimp and rice.

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue has lots of traditional Hawaiian meals. What I love about this place is that they completely stack their plates full of meat!

Ted’s Bakery

While they do have bakery items, you can grab some tasty plate lunches as well. Find some chicken katsu, hot fresh sandwiches, or some garlic shrimp plates that will make your mouth water.


Zippy’s is actually a restaurant that has some great affordable prices. It is another perfect place to stop and eat because they have them all over the island. This place probably has the biggest selection of food choices.

Rainbow Drive-In

Rainbow Drive-in has many local meals on the menu that are very cheap. So you can experience Hawaiian food while staying on a budget!

Topped Waikiki

If you want a Korean restaurant, head to Topped Waikiki. Everything on their menu is from $9 to $17, which isn’t too bad.

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