HawaiianPineapple Fried Rice Recipe

Made with juicy pineapples, spam meat and just the perfect amount of soy sauce and spices, it's a fun twist on traditional fried rice!

What makes it Hawaiian?

While fried rice is typically a Chinese dish, this recipe has pineapple and diced Spam for a distinct Hawaii flavor.


You'll need cold rice, sesame oil, soy sauce, pineapple, eggs, green beans, carrots, corn, sesame seeds, herbs, and Spam.

Do you have to use Spam?

If you don't like Spam, simply substitute diced ham, Portuguese sausage, or Chinese sausage. These work well!

How to Make

Fried Rice

Hawaiian Spam Fried Rice Recipe


4 servings


Lunch/ Dinner


1 hr 10 min



Stir Fry


Heat up oil and add in Spam, carrots, pineapple, corn, and green beans until tender. Set aside.

Heat Up Rice


Toss the cold rice in the pan with vegetable oil and sesame oil until it's crispy.

Add Eggs


Push the rice to the side and add in the eggs. Roughly mix in the eggs with the rice.

Add Veggies


Add in the cooked veggies and soy sauce and cook it all together for another 3 minutes.

Serve It


You can eat this Hawaiian fried rice on its own, or serve with a main dish, like teriyaki chicken!