How to Plan a Solo Trip to Hawaii

A solo trip to Hawaii is great for everyone. You can meet people or spend time alone on a white sand beach. But you might have questions about how safe it is to travel so far from home by yourself.

How to Stay Safe When Traveling to Hawaii Alone

Do your research concerning the area where you’ll be staying. Search forums or even call your hotel and ask about the neighborhood at night and transportation in the area. Also, think about how you plan on getting to your hotel from the airport.

What’s the Best Island for Solo Travel?

Normally when you travel by yourself, it’s recommended that you stay in more populated areas to avoid being isolated, especially at night. But ultimately, this is a personal choice.

Where to Stay on a Solo Trip in Hawaii

The great thing about Hawaii solo travel is the many options you have when it comes to where you’ll rest your head.





Things to Do on Your Hawaii Solo Trip

On your solo trip to Hawaii, you might want to relax by a beach or go for a long hike. Just be aware of your surroundings and make wise choices.

Things to Do on Your Hawaii Solo Trip

Pearl Harbor

Diamond Head Hike

Waikiki Beach

try local Hawaiian food

island hopping

Sunset Cruise

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