Magical Hawaiian Christmas Traditions You Need to Experience

Whether it’s your first time visiting or you’re a regular visitor to Hawaii’s beautiful islands, I can guarantee that this will be one Christmas vacation you’ll never forget!

Christmas Luau

This is a Christmas celebration that gets to the heart of Hawaiian culture and helps everyone share in the spirit of the holiday.

Opening Presents

This is a tradition that follows the rest of the world’s Christmas morning, locals and Hawaii residents will wake up and exchange gifts with one another and share their thanks.

Christmas Dinner/Buffet

Many restaurants are open on Christmas Day. So, tourists and people who live in Hawaii, go out with their families and eat a big dinner together.

Christmas Surfing

During Christmas, there are a few iterations of Santa’s arrival tradition in which he will catch some waves for the beachgoers to see before he comes to shore.

New Year Fireworks

The Chinese actually believed that setting off fireworks to bring in the New Year would ward off evil spirits and protect the citizens during the year. This belief has caused this tradition to continue into the modern-day to help Hawaiians celebrate.

Mochi Pounding

Hawaii has been greatly influenced by Japanese and Chinese culture and the mochi pounding tradition is a testament to the melting pot within the islands.

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