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Why zipline in Maui?

It gives you major adrenaline rush

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Make some of the best memories possible

Top Rated Ziplines on Maui

Top Rated Ziplines on Maui

It’s important to book your zipline tour in advance. Tourists love these adventures so much that it’s common for them to get booked at such a fast pace.

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7-Line Maui Zipline Tour on the North Shore

The length of the tour is approximately two hours long, providing you with plenty of time to explore these stunning sights on the island. 

8 Lines Jungle Zipline Tour

It’s an excellent spot for ziplining because of its natural beauty. You can spot grass-covered mountains, lush trees, and waterfalls while you ride along the lines.

5 Line Jungle Zipline Eco Adventure

People love this tour because it provides guests with the chance to zipline through the rainforest.

Paradise Eco-Adventures Zipline and Aquaball

You will do up to four zips on this fast-paced line, and your non-zipliner friends can watch from the ground for some great pictures!

Skyline Eco-Adventure Haleakala Zipline Tour

The tour includes a half-mile hike through the woods and a dramatic “swinging bridge” crossing with five spectacular ziplines across an amazing valley on Haleakala Ranch.

8 Line Ka’anapali Zipline Adventure on Maui

As you go on each of the ziplines, you will cross through 9 different valleys and 11 different ridges for an unforgettable experience.

Kapalua Zipline Adventures

With these Maui ATV and zipline tours, you get stunning views of the rainforests on this Hawaiian island and enjoy a thrilling adventure.

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