Sugarloaf Pineapple

It’s the sweetest variety and the fruit inside is more of a white color. It always has low acidity, so you can eat an entire pineapple without it hurting my mouth.


One of my favorite fruits grown in Hawaii is Mango. I find that the sweetest Mangoes can be found at those little roadside stands. I think it’s because they are homegrown versus commercially produced.

Apple Bananas

They are “kid-size” and pack a flavorful punch. You can find them at grocery stores or Farmers Markets and they are just the right size to pack while hiking in Hawaii or driving around the island.


Lychee is definitely one of the most exotic fruits in Hawaii worth trying. It’s one of those fruits from Hawaii that is perfect to eat while sipping wine on a lanai overlooking the ocean.


Another fruit from Hawaii is Guava. It’s a major ingredient in the popular Passion-Orange-Guava (POG) juice.

Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit (called Lilikoi in Hawaii) is also found in POG juice. You can eat it by itself, but you can also find it in lots of Hawaiian desserts, syrups, jams, juice, and baked goods.

mountain apples

These Hawaiian fruits are super juicy and sweet and they taste like roses. Like an ordinary apple, you can just bite into the fruit or you can slice up to snack on.


The Hawaii papaya variety is more pear-shaped than the Mexican ones you can usually find on the Mainland. The fruit inside can be golden yellow or a bright reddish-orange.

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