do not rush

Most people observe "island time" in Hawaii which means things take a lot longer than they do in your home country. 

do not over-schedule

A busy schedule means you won’t be able to take it all in. You do not want to spend your whole day traveling in a vehicle, missing out on everything!

do not go on school holidays

Spring break is a busy season in Hawaii, which means you're going to spend more on flights, hotels and other things.

do not spend on extras

Avoid the expensive tours and activities if you just want to enjoy Hawaii and don't want to over-spend. 

do not get a sunburn

Keep the coral safe and your body by wearing sunscreen during each day of your trip.

do not try to visit all the islands in one trip

Just pick one or two islands and enjoy them!

do not take lave rocks

It is believed that curse will follow you home if you take lava rocks from Hawaii. 

do not touch the wildlife

Respect the animals' space in Hawaii. Also, it is illegal to touch sea turtles.

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