Incredible Oahu Boat Tours Worth Booking

If you’re spending time on Oahu and you’d like to get on boat tours to explore the Pacific Ocean while enjoying the gorgeous scenery around you, this is the list you need.

Oahu Atlantis Submarine Adventure

If you’d like to experience a trip in the water like none other, the Oahu Atlantis Submarine Adventure is an excellent choice. Instead of riding solely above the water, you’ll get to head 100 feet underneath the surface to explore the sea.

Oahu Shark Dive

It’s the perfect chance for you to see sharks of all sizes as they swim around you. You’ll enter the enclosed shark cage, get your gear ready, and then the attached cage will begin descending into the water.

Waikiki Sunset Cocktail Cruise

You’ll depart from Oahu and glide along the Pacific Ocean, heading over to Diamond Head. Not only do you get to enjoy the stunning views, but you’ll also have access to unlimited cocktails and appetizers.

Oahu Whale-Watching Excursion

Head out on a lengthy and exciting whale-watching trip with the Oahu Whale Watching Excursion tour. You can spend roughly two hours in the water while traveling through the sea to spot humpback whales in their natural habitat.

Turtle Canyon Catamaran Oahu Snorkel Cruise

If you’d love to see what sea creatures look like while swimming around in the water, go snorkeling to get the best possible view. You also will get to explore all the live tropical reefs and swim to see other hidden gems on the ocean floor.

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