Where To Find Poke  on Oahu

What is Poke?

Poke is chunks of raw fish mixed with delicious seasonings.

It literally means "cubed fish."

Now let's discover the best places for the best Poke in Oahu. Tap next. 

Uncle Sharkii

The Poke Bowls on their menu are filled to the brim with your choice of proteins, consistently addressing the crucial question for Poke Bowl aficionados: “How much fish is in my bowl?”


With their wide range of poke options, there is almost always a line to get some poke!

Fresh Catch

You can get poke, sashimi, seafood, and cake at Fresh Catch. It can come in a bowl, plate, or even fresh sashimi platters.

One Seafood

With One Seafood, you can add your own toppings and create your own flavors!

Maguro Brothers Hawaii

They only offer takeout, so grab this as you head back to your hotel for a delicious dinner or late-night snack or even after you finish hiking Diamond Head.

Poke On Da Run

Try their Poke nachos!You can get raw fish on top of salty chips with delicious seasonings and toppings, such as green onions.

Redfish Poke Bar

At Redfish, you can dine in at their restaurant, create your own poke bowl, or order by the pound. The options are pretty endless here!


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