How To Plan

A Babymoon

in Hawaii

The perfect babymoon getaway is in Hawaii. It is the best location to relax and enjoy some needed one-on-one time with your spouse before your precious baby arrives.

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Can I Fly to Hawaii While Pregnant?

Pregnant women can fly, but there are airline-specific rules to consider. It's crucial to consult your OBGYN for approval. Generally, safe flights are possible until 36 weeks into a healthy pregnancy.

What is the best time to go on a babymoon?

The ideal time for a babymoon is typically the second trimester. During this period, you're not too large, the first-trimester sickness and fatigue have improved, and you have more energy.  This makes flying and enjoying your trip more comfortable. Hawaii, a popular babymoon destination, is a great place to travel while pregnant!

Babymoon Resorts in Hawaii

Find a resort that has a spa, so you can get a massage and spend a day relaxing and getting spoiled. Choose a spa that has prenatal massages. That way, you can get the best massage that will help both you and your baby.

Babymoon Resorts in Hawaii

Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa

Royal Lahaina Resort

Babymoon Resorts in Hawaii

Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club

Turtle Bay Resort

Hawaii Babymoon: Pregnant-Friendly Things to Do in Hawaii

Relax on the Beach

Visit the Waimea Canyon

Enjoy luaus

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