Waikiki Trolley Pink Line

They are only $5, and it stops at several points along Waikiki, so you can take advantage of all the shops and restaurants (and give your feet a break)!

When we were there, it was a double-decker bus. We sat up top, and it had a sunshade for the roof, but everything else was open for fresh air.

Waikiki Trolley Blue Line

The blue line was my favorite trolley ride! It takes you from the hustle and bustle of Waikiki to Halona Blow Hole, the coastline, and all the way to Sea Life Park.

Plus, there’s time to get off at Halona Blowhole to take photos and walk around before hopping back on.


Waikiki Trolley Green Line

Waikiki Trolley Red Line

This is the best trolley pass to experience Hawaii’s cultural and historical past. The red line does make for a truly Hawaiian experience, that’s for sure!

The green line trolley is the one that takes you to see Diamond Head. This trolley pass is a great opportunity to see the sites along the way to the Diamond Head hike.

is the Waikiki Trolley Worth it for Families?


If you want to get around Waikiki without worrying about car seats or taking the bus, the Waikiki Trolley is an awesome option.

Kids will love being able to see out of the windows really easily and being able to hop on and hop off at different stops on this Oahu trolley.

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