Corsair Plane Wreck Dive Site, Oahu

This advanced scuba diving site sits just 3 miles away from the Hawai’i Kai marina, and for experienced divers, it’s a great location to dive into the past.

Mountain Tubing, Kauai

Enhance your tropical family vacation by embarking on an unforgettable mountain tubing adventure in Kauai. This four-wheel tour starts with a scenic journey through the 17,000-acre old Lihue Plantation fields, a stunning Hawaii location often off-limits to most visitors.

Spitting Cave, Oahu

Tucked away in the residential community of Hawaii Kai, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean and lava formations and get goosebumps as you watch professional divers and daredevils jump 70 feet into the ocean.

Elusive Wallaby Colony of Kalihi Valley, Oahu

Wallababies are native to Australia but have established a colony in Kalahi Valley. They're pretty elusive so spotting them is quite a thrilling and unique experience. 

The Kilauea Crater, Big Island

To take a peek inside this colossal volcanic mass, go on a hiking trek through the Kilauea Iki Trail. It’s a relatively easy hike (about 4 miles) that will take you deep into the crater, where you’ll cross-vertical walls, lava holes, a misty rainforest, and a solidified lava lakebed.


Walking into these magical cave tunnels will make you feel like you’re descending deep into the Earth. But you’re actually only a few feet underground.

The Makawao Forest, Maui

The Makawao Forest on the island of Maui is an enchanting paradise tucked away in the clouds. Located at approximately 4,000 feet above sea level, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to connect with Mother Nature as you make your way through miles upon miles of trails.

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