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Funny Hawaii Jokes to Tell Your Kids

Are you planning a trip to Hawaii and want a few Hawaii jokes to tell your kids during your vacation? Keep scrolling to find out the best jokes about Hawaii that might crack your kids up.
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Are you looking for a list of Hawaii jokes that are kid-friendly and perfect for your family?

You’ll love this list of Hawaii jokes that are kid-friendly and perfect for your family. There are some Hawaiian lei jokes, a few Hawaii puns, and other funny Hawaiian jokes.

You can even do a Hawaii joke of the day during your entire Hawaiian vacation. These jokes about Hawaii are sure to tickle your funny bone.

These funny Hawaiian jokes will have your kids in stitches and they’re perfect for any family vacation to Hawaii. Plus, they make great ice-breakers when you meet other families traveling to Hawaii.

So, keep scrolling for my list of funny Hawaii jokes worth sharing!

Is There a Difference Between Hawaii Jokes and “Local” Jokes?

Absolutely. This list is strictly Hawaii jokes that are totally fine for anyone to repeat. Local jokes are geared more for locals in Hawaii to tell amongst each other and they usually involve pidgin (Hawaiian slang) or make fun of each other.

What to do with These Jokes about Hawaii?

While these Hawaiian jokes are perfect for telling kids, there are also a few ways you can use these jokes for your upcoming trip.

Lunchbox Notes

Write them down and put them in your kid’s lunchbox to give them a lunchtime giggle. They can also share them with their friends, so it’s something to look forward to.

Hawaii Trip Announcement

If you are surprising your kids with a trip to Hawaii (lucky them!) then you can use these jokes as a way to announce your trip. You could add them to a scavenger hunt, tape them on top of presents, or text them to your kids and see how long it takes for them to guess that you’re going to Hawaii.

Hawaii Joke of the Day

While you’re on your trip, you could institute a joke-of-the-day. Each morning, share one of these jokes with your kids. Then throughout the day, they can share it again with each other or with other kids/families they see on the trip.

Hawaii Day at School or Summer Camp

If you are celebrating Hawaii Day at school or camp, try these jokes out on the kids. You could incorporate it into some sort of stand-up bit where you rapid-fire tell the jokes. Or you could see if the kids could come up with their own punchlines.

Backyard Luau or Birthday Party

You could also write out these jokes and turn them into wall decorations by a food table or somewhere people might be standing around. Or write them on a disposable table cloth as a conversation starter.

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23 Best Hawaii Jokes for Kids

I burnt my Hawaiian pizza today.
I should have cooked it at aloha temperature.

I couldn’t afford the trip to Hawaii.
I had to put it on “leiaway.”

How did the Hawaiian hipster die?
He walked on lava before it was cool.

Everyone thinks I’m weird because I’m addicted to ham and pineapple sandwiches.
But that’s just Hawaii roll.

My geometry teacher went to Hawaii.
When he came back, he was a tan-gent.

I knew I guy from Hawaii who had a weird laugh.
Some describe it as a cackle, but I always thought it was more of a low ha.

What did Godzilla say after he devoured Hawaii?

How exactly do you get from California to Hawaii?
By crossing the specific ocean.

What’s a very, very quiet laugh in Hawaii?
A low ha.

What did the animal control officer ask the Hawaiian dancer?
Hula the dogs out?

What’s the scariest day on the Hawaiian calendar?

What do you call a Hawaiian murder mystery?
A Hula-Dunnit.

What do cows wear in Hawaii?
Moo- moos

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Hawaii who?
I’m fine, how are you?

What do you call Hawaiian building blocks?

Where does a Hawaiian fish keep their money?
In the riverbanks of the Hanalei River.

Why did the Hawaii teacher jump into the Pacific Ocean?
She wanted to test the water!

What has a mouth but can’t eat?
The Wailua River!

Hawaiian Punch has a new telephone number.
It’s the Punch line.

What does a Hawaiian say when they get hurt?

What’s a sea turtle’s favorite Disney song?
A honu world!

What do you call a polar bear in Hawaii?

How do you treat a sunburn in Hawaii?
With Aloe-ha Vera!

Hawaii Jokes FAQs

Can you tell Hawaiians jokes about Hawaii?

You can always try to tell these jokes to the Hawaiians you meet! Make sure not to be disrespectful, and just share the light jokes you see up above.

Are these Hawaii jokes kid-friendly?

Yes, every joke up above about Hawaii is safe for kids to hear! They will find these jokes so funny!

How can I use these Hawaii jokes?

Share them with your family and friends at a Hawaiian-themed party, during your trip to Hawaii, or when you share about your vacation when you get back. The possibilities are endless.

Funny Hawaii Jokes Wrap Up

These are some of the funniest (and kid-friendly) Hawaiian jokes I could come up with that were worth sharing with you.

Use them however you like to get your kids giggling when thinking about Hawaii.

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