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Camp Maui North Shore Zipline Tour Review

Alert for Visitors: Maui has experienced significant wildfires in August 2023, causing major disruption for both locals and tourists. For your safety and up-to-date information, please visit the Maui County website before planning any activities or travels. Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated. Stay safe!

Are you looking for the best Maui ziplines that are worth it? Keep scrolling for an honest review of the Camp Maui North Shore zipline tour.
This Camp Maui North Shore zipline tour review was co-written by Hawaii travel expert Marcie Cheung and contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, I may earn a small commission that goes back into maintaining this blog.

Guest post by Keri of Bon Voyage with Kids

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush to experience on your family vacation to Hawaii, ziplining in Maui is one of the best family adventures to try.

There are several companies that offer zipline in Maui, Hawaii, but NorthShore Zipline’s Camp Maui is our family’s favorite.

Ziplining in Maui is a great activity for the whole family, and Camp Maui is one of the best ziplining in Hawaii, across all the islands.

Not only is it very family-friendly, but its unique setting and top-notch staff also make it one of our favorite activities on Maui. 

Whether you are first-time zippers or experienced zipline enthusiasts, the North Shore zipline Maui Tour will be a fantastic experience for your family!

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About Camp Maui

Officially run by the NorthShore Ziplining Company, a family-owned business, the Camp Maui Zipline Tour is noted as one of the best Maui ziplines on the island.

Located in the beautiful upcountry Haiku, toward the Road To Hana, near mile-marker 11, it is an exhilarating ziplining and eco-adventure on Maui your family won’t forget. 

The historical site for the ziplining tour is called “Camp Maui,” where US Marines trained during World War II. The NorthShore Ziplining Company continues to improve the site and provide tours of historic Camp Maui and the area.

Maui’s Marines were the most decorated Marine Corps division of the war, according to the history on the NorthShore Zipline Co’s website. So, it is committed to sharing this important history with visitors through photos, stories, and its small museum on site.

You’ll find World War II-era vehicles and planes on the property worth viewing while you wait for your ziplining tour, as it is a fascinating way to learn about the historical site you are visiting.

Camp Maui North Shore Zipline Tours

This Maui zipline tour on the North Shore is one of the best family activities on Maui! Kids as young as five years old can participate in these Maui Hawaii ziplines. Frankly, my kids did better than I did, as I am afraid of heights!

Image of a boy wearing a blue helmet ziplining on Maui with the Camp Maui North Shore zipline tour.
Photo credit Camp Maui courtesy of Bon Voyage With Kids

The Camp Maui NorthShore Zipline in Maui tours include a seven-zipline experience. Guides take you on this high-flying adventure, ensuring you are strapped in and know what to expect. The expert staff takes care of you to make sure you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

What you will find on the Camp Maui Zipline Tour:

  • There are seven lines that include multiple aerial platforms, large towers, tree-to-tree swinging bridges, and suspension bridges.
  • Heights can go as high as 70 feet in the tree top, and your speed on the zipline could be as much as 45 miles per hour! Some of the Camp Maui ziplines are 900 feet in length, so there is plenty of time for you to enjoy freestyle zipping too!
  • There are amazing unsurpassed views of the Pacific Ocean, lush upcountry, and the beauty of Maui’s verdant North Shore from above.
  • This tour is very family-friendly, as long as your kids are ages 5 years older and above and weigh at least 40 lbs. The maximum weight is 270 lbs.
  • You will ride in a padded three-point safety harness and wear helmets.
  • Because you are high above, you may not want to take photos (though you can bring a small camera that attaches to your wrist.) Rest assured, though; you can purchase photos as there is a staff photographer that captures the moments.

What to Know about the Camp Maui North Shore Zipline Tour Before You Go

Arrival and Tour Information:

  • Advanced reservations are required. 
  • Arrival is at least 30 minutes prior to the start of your tour. This gives your time to explore the World War II museum and check-in.
  • Expect the tour time to last between 1.5 and 2 hours long. It is a group tour. 

Ticket Information:

Tickets are currently $153 per person (regardless of age) plus tax. You can book online or call the NorthShore Ziplining Company to book. Photos can be purchased for $30 for 1-3 people in a group and $10 for each additional person.

Camp Maui Zipline Tour

The Highlight of this Maui Zipline Tour and What You Should Look Out For

If you are a fan of heights and love the free feeling of a ziplining experience, you will love some of the highest ziplines (as tall as 70 feet.) One of the final ziplines is also one of the longest, and it is when most guests get their “air legs” underneath them.

Image of a girl smiling while getting ready to go ziplining on Maui Hawaii.
Photo credit Camp Maui courtesy of Bon Voyage With Kids

Watch for a lot of fancy posing during this final leg when there is plenty of time to do so. It was probably my favorite zipline of the trip.

Ziplining in Maui is definitely unique, as you are getting a birdseye view of one of the most spectacular places on earth.

From some of the platforms, you can see the Pacific Ocean and treetop views of this upcountry location, which is full of luscious greens. It is certainly one of the most natural and breathtaking places to enjoy a zip line.

The other highlight of this Maui Zipline Tour is the outstanding staff. Our tour guides were funny, entertaining, patient, and fantastic with kids. They were very serious and careful about their jobs, but they also made sure everyone had fun. They were always super helpful whenever we needed it.

For those of us that were nervous, they made sure we were taken care of as well! Its location, history, and outstanding staff make this one of the best ziplines in Maui for families.

Honest Maui North Shore Zipline Tour Review

In general, I am not a fan of heights. So this activity was my family’s idea, and I went along for the ride. 

Interestingly enough, NorthShore Zipline anticipates they may have people like me. So they offer something called a “scaredy-cat clause,” which offers you your money back if you chicken out at the last minute, which I think makes it the best zipline on Maui.

It is the only zipline in Maui that offers this guarantee. This is one of the first things that impressed me about this company.

Image of a family wearing ziplining gear as they get ready to go on the Camp Maui North Shore Zipline Tour.
Photo credit Camp Maui courtesy of Bon Voyage With Kids

While I AM afraid of heights, I did not have to activate the clause. On one occasion, the guide asked, “What’s the problem, ma’am?” And when I told him I was afraid, he sent me out first! 

It actually helped, and so I appreciated that he helped me face my fears and sent me feet first. I also found closing my eyes for the first part of every zipline helped as well.

But my kids and husband gleefully jumped out every time, trying their aerial poses while dangling from the zipline.

Heights for the ziplines range in size, and some require precarious ladders to climb up to get to the platform. But the guides ensure you are okay before sending you out. Their professionalism and great sense of humor made it so much fun. 

In fact, on the last zipline, they squirted us all with a water shooter. Photos are also taken along the way, so you can be sure of a great family shot!

Maui Zipline Tour Tips for Families

What to Wear

You will be flying high, so wear comfortable clothing (t-shirts and shorts) you can move in, and closed-toed shoes are required.

What to Bring

I wouldn’t bring anything with you as it could fall out (leave it in the car.) You can bring a camera if it has a wristlet and can secure to your hand. The staff takes photos of you on the tour. But I would leave your phone and anything that can fall out of your pockets at home. 

Additional Tips

Do take time to look at the Camp Maui Museum either before or after your zipline tour. Because the Camp Maui zipline is located in a spot with historical significance, this is well worth taking some time to review with your kids. 

Definitely buy the photos! This is a Maui family adventure you won’t want to forget.

You also pass through the town of Paia on the way as well as Mama’s Fish House. If you time yourself well, you could grab a meal after your zipline at either Mama’s Fish House or Flatbread Pizza Company in Paia.

You will also pass the Jaws General Store along the way there and back to Camp Maui, which is well worth a visit.

So, is the Camp Maui Zipline Tour on Maui Worth It?

Overall, the NorthShore Zipline Camp Maui Tour gets its reputation as the best zipline in Maui, HI for a reason. It is a top-notch experience with excellent staff, family-run, thoughtfully designed, and very kid-friendly. 

Image of a boy wearing a red shirt getting ready to go ziplining on Maui.
Photo credit Camp Maui courtesy of Bon Voyage With Kids

Despite my fear of heights, I would most certainly visit Camp Maui again. And for families who love adventure, I highly recommend this as one of the top activities for families on Maui.

The seven different zipline runs allow you to go on a freestyle eco-adventure that is so much fun along Maui’s North Shore.

North Shore Maui Ziplines FAQs

What is the best zipline in Maui for kids?

The best ziplining in Maui with kids is this Maui North Shore Zipline Tour. It’s geared for kids ages 5 and older, and it’s one of the best kid-friendly things to do in Maui. There are many Maui zipline reviews that show how this truly is the best Maui zipline tour available!

Which Hawaiian island has the best ziplining?

Out of all of the ziplines in Hawaii, I’d say Kauai and Maui have the best Hawaii ziplining experiences. Both have options to soar over extremely scenic areas. Both islands also have zip lining for both first-timers or even the most experienced zipline enthusiasts so everyone can have a fun experience on the zipline courses.

Is ziplining on Maui dangerous?

As long as you follow the safety protocols correctly, Maui ziplining is a fairly safe activity. Of course, there are some risks with any outdoor activity. This is why it’s extra important to pay attention during the safety briefing.

Is zip lining in Maui worth it?

When you visit Maui, you will have an amazing experience and time ziplining, making it totally worth it. There are many Maui zipline tours that will be perfect for your entire family!

What do you wear to the zipline in Maui?

It is best to wear closed-toed shoes and comfortable clothes for your zip-line tour. Each Maui zipline company will have its own recommendations as well, so be sure to check in before heading out what you need to wear.

About Keri

Keri is a mom of three kids and a family travel blogger at Bon Voyage With Kids. Based in New England, she has lived abroad three times, has traveled to nearly 30 countries, worked for Walt Disney World Resort and for an educational travel company, and regularly travels with her kids. Her family visits Hawaii every summer, with Maui being their favorite island. She inspires families to enjoy the journey of traveling with kids and to experience destinations, not just visit them. She also loves finding ways to inspire learning about world cultures and countries when not traveling. 

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