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7 Best Kauai Luau Options

Want to attend a luau on Kauai but are having a hard time deciding? Find out 6 of the most exciting Kauai luau experiences for families with kids of all ages. Keep scrolling for all the info!
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Hawaii is famous for its luaus and you’ll find them on every island. But there’s something different about a Kauai luau.

Luaus are the most festive events you’ll experience. They’re all a grand celebration of food, music, and most importantly, culture!

Traditionally, luaus start with a dinner that includes Hawaiian dishes like kalua pig cooked in an imu, haupia, and poi. After dining, guests enjoy live music and hula performances that tell stories about the islands. 

You might have a hard time choosing the best luau for your big trip to the Hawaiian islands. That’s completely normal.

I’ve used my experience of traveling to Kauai and attending luaus to good use. Below you’ll find a list of Kauai’s best luau options for everyone!

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How to Choose the Best Kauai Luau

When traveling with a group or family, it can be difficult to make everyone happy. When choosing a Kauai luau, consider each family member.

Hawaii is home to all types and forms of luaus and some aren’t exactly kid-friendly. If you’re after an authentic luau experience, Kauai is the place to be!

Think about what else you’re looking for in a the luau. Are you ok with a large luau and family-style dining? Would you prefer kid-friendly performances and activities?

These are just a few of the things to consider when deciding which luau to attend. 

Finding a Luau in Poipu, Kauai

Poipu Beach is located in southern Kauai. It was named as America’s Best Beach by the Travel Channel.

The beach is perfect for all types of activities including swimming, snorkeling, boogie-boarding and surfing. And it’s home to some of the best luaus in Kauai!

Grand Hyatt Kauai Luau

The Grand Hyatt Luau is perfect for experiencing and learning about Hawaii’s culture.

6 Best Kauai Luau Options featured by top Hawaii blogger, Hawaii Travel with Kids: the Grand Hyatt Kauai has one of the best Kauai luau options. Image of Polynesian dancers
Photo credit: Grand Hyatt Kauai

Performers use vibrant songs and dances to tell stories of Hawaii’s rich history and voyages through the South Pacific. There are hands-on cultural activities, and the feast features local Hawaiian delicacies. 

Come to this luau if you are interested in island traditions and culture.

When you attend the Grand Hyatt Kauai Luau they’ll give you a traditional lei. There’s also an open bar and an all-you-can-eat buffet for dinner.

And it’s great for kids, with Hawaiian arts and crafts and even hula lessons geared towards children. 

Auli’i Luau

Auli’i Luau is Kauai’s only oceanfront Luau. It’s also one of the most popular Kauai luaus among younger crowds.

Aulii Luau on Kauai: Image of Tahitian dancers on stage
Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

We went to the Auli’i Luau and, I have to say, it’s what you think of when you imagine a traditional Hawaiian luau!

Everyone there makes an effort to make guests feel welcome from the moment you arrive.

Most guests feel the aloha spirit through the celebration and musical performances. And the highlight of this luau are the award-winning hula dancers of Urahutia.

Aulii Luau on Kauai: Image of Maori dancers
Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

Next, the exciting pahu drums beat to the pulse of the waves nearby and the fire knife dancers take that stage!

But one of my favorite parts of the Auli’i Luau is the buffet dinner.

Among the dishes are the fish, poi, and the traditional slow-roasted pig that truly melts in the mouth. Also, guests can enjoy delicious cocktails inspired by the Hawaiian spirit.

I think the Sheraton puts on one of the best luaus in Kauai! You can read my full Aulii Luau in Poipu review. Or simply check luau rates here.

Finding a Luau in Lihue, Kauai

Plantation Owners Dinner at Luau Kalamaku

Luau Kalamaku is one of the most popular luaus on the island of Kauai. Check out the latest prices and more details.

The Plantation Owners Dinner begins with a large feast. It takes you to a culinary journey back in time!

6 Best Kauai Luau Options featured by top Hawaii blogger, Hawaii Travel with Kids: Luau Kalamaku is one of the best Kauai luau. Image of men dancing with sticks
Photo credit: Luau Kalamaku

You’ll feast on a traditional dinner at Gaylord’s Restaurant at Kilohana’s. The feast consists of a four-course meal that highlights local island cuisine. 

After you’ll take a torchlit walk to a pavilion to attend the outdoor show.

Live Hawaiian music and graceful hula dancers grace the stage. They’ll tell the tale of the Kalamakū, an epic voyage along the sea roads of Polynesia.

Watch fire poi ball twirlers and fire knife dancing. Trust me, you’re kids won’t get bored at this luau!

Luau Kalamaku includes a fresh flower lei greeting, champagne toast, the 4-course meal at Gaylord’s, and complimentary drinks. You also enjoy premiere seating during the show. 

I brought my kids here a couple years ago and you can read our full Luau Kalamaku review.

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Kauai Luau and Sunset Dinner at the Smith Family Garden Luau

The Kauai Luau and Sunset dinner is a great option if you are interested in authentic luaus with lots of history and storytelling. Check out the latest prices and more details.

It’s put on by The Smith Family Garden Luau which was named Ultimate Kauai Guidebook’s “Best Luau on the Island.” This is possibly the most popular luau in Kauai.

6 Best Kauai Luau Options featured by top Hawaii blogger, Hawaii Travel with Kids: The Smith Family Luau is one of the best Kauai luau. Image of two women wearing Tahitian costumes
Photo credit: Smith Family Luau

Dinner begins with a traditional imu ceremony, which I’m finding isn’t something you see at as many Hawaiian luaus these days.

This is a tradition where a roast pig is removed from an underground clay oven is often put aside to focus on the hula show.

After the ceremony, the buffet dinner features island favorites, besides pork. You can try dishes like Teriyaki beef, mahi-mahi, and poi. There’s also an open bar and non-alcoholic drinks, too.

You’ll eat at long tables, family-style, so guests can interact with each other.

Next, you’ll head to a torch-lit amphitheater for the show.

The Smith Family Garden Luau has been in the business for over 50 years, passing the tradition down 4 generations. The family believes that while food is the heart of the luau, music is its soul.

The luau begins just after sunset and starts with songs and dances, They’ll cover the Polynesian cultures and history that make up Hawaii. Local tribes perform traditional Hawaiian songs.

The night continues with Hawaiian hula and Tahitian drum dances. And finally, the Samoan Fire Knife dance tells the tale of all the people who have come to call Hawaii home. 

You can read our full Smith Family Luau review.

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Hawaii Alive Luau Show and Dinner

The Hawaii Alive Luau Show and Dinner at the Royal Sonesta Kaua’i Resort Lihue is one of the island’s longest-running shows.

You can enjoy Hawaii’s culture every Monday evening at this world-class resort in Lihue (formerly the Kauai Marriott).

6 Best Kauai Luau Options featured by top Hawaii blogger, Hawaii Travel with Kids

This luau starts at 5:30 PM and is about 3 hours long.

First there’s a buffet east prepared by Kukui’s Restaurant. It includes Kalua pork, Huli Guli chicken, Lomi salmon, coconut glazed sweet potato. For dessert, enjoy Hawaii treats like haupia and sliced Hawaian fruits.

Note that your ticket includes one standard alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink per person. And at this Kauai luau children age 5 and younger attend for free.

After dinner, guests proceed to the secluded Niihau Court where the Hawaii Alive Luau show takes place. This luau is perfect for kids because the performances are electric, lively and educational.

Also, don’t forget to bring your grass skirts. This show is all about audience participation and you might just get to hula! 

Luau Ka Hikina

Slightly North of Lihue is the Luau Ka Hikina (formerly Luau Makaiwa). It’s held at the Sheraton Kauai Coconut Coast Hotel in Kapaa.

Check out this Luau Ka Hikina review by top Hawaii blog Hawaii Travel with Kids! Image of a boy watching hula dancers at a Kauai luau

This fun Kauai experience includes an impressive torch lighting ceremony, amazing food, and a spectacular show.

You can choose between general admission or upgrade to VIP seating. Kids ages 3 and younger are free.

It’s super easy to get to from any East Shore hotel or vacation rental home. Check out my full Luau Ka Hikina review.

Kauai Luaus on the North Shore

Some of the best luaus are on North Shore Kauai. This is where we go when we’re looking for an intimate and culturally-rich experience. 

Tahiti Nui Luau

The first North Shore luau is Tahiti Nui Luau, dubbed the best in the North!

This luau is definitely more of a party vibe. Younger crowds can enjoy this luau every Wednesday, with free Mai Tais for an hour before the dinner and show. 

6 Best Kauai Luau Options featured by top Hawaii blogger, Hawaii Travel with Kids: Tahiti Nui has one of the best North Shore Kauai luau options. Image of two women holding leis in front of the Tahiti Nui restaurant
Photo credit: Tahiti Nui

Tahiti Nui’s luau night is in tribute to their legendary Aunty Louise, the better half of Tahiti Nui’s founder.

This is an intimate, local luau where you feel like you’re part of their family!

Before the show, food is grilled and served in front of you and it feels so welcoming that you think you’re part of the island. 

You’ll enjoy a dinner that includes staple Hawaiian dishes like fresh fish, pineapple upside down cake, teriyaki chicken, and pork.

But this luau buffet is a little different because it’s served by the staff.

Every part of the night is laid-back, friendly, and welcoming. Tahiti Nui always makes sure that guests feel comfortable and educated without all the glitz and glamour of more touristy shows.

This luau is perfect for travelers who would truly love a local experience rather than a polished one. It definitely made me nostalgic for the old days of Hawaii. 

Ahi Lele Luau Fire Show

You can see the Ahi Lele Fire Show is at the Anaina Hou Community Park every Wednesday.

It’s been named “Hawaii’s only exclusive fire show and Polynesian culinary experience.”

6 Best Kauai Luau Options featured by top Hawaii blogger, Hawaii Travel with Kids: https://hawaiitravelwithkids.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/HeroImage-FireShow.jpg
Photo credit: Aha Lele Luau Fire Show

Come to this luau if you want to experience true North Shore culture. this starts with the amazing Hawaii-made craft brews and cocktails made with local spirits!

This dinner is different than the rest. It’s served tableside and you get a salad, entree, and dessert. You’ll choose from a menu that of course includes the traditional Kalua pork.

After dinner, the luau show begins with a story of the history of fire in Polynesia. Then, the Tahitian dancers in costumes dance to the beat of the drums. This show is beautiful and truly fascinating.

My boys loved the dance group swaying to the music, teaching them about fire’s important role in Tahiti, Samoa and Kauai. 

Click to see my full Ahi Lele Fire Show review.

FAQ about Kauai Luaus

6 Best Kauai Luau Options featured by top Hawaii blogger, Hawaii Travel with Kids: Traditional Hawaiian Food items you'll see at a Kauai luau

What Do You Eat at a Luau?

At most traditional Hawaiian luaus, you’ll find the following items:

Kalua Pork

This is the most well-known Hawaiian luau food. It’s a whole pig that’s been roasted underground in an imu.

The pork is so tender that it falls right off the bone and shreds. Very flavorful!

You can try it at home with my Instant Pot Kalua Pork Recipe!


At whatever luau you choose, they’ll probably make some sort of joke about poi tasting like wallpaper paste. That’s just to scare you away! It’s actually delicious.

Poi is mashed and fermented taro root. It helps bring out the flavor of fish and meat, so be sure to combine them and use it more like a condiment!

Chicken Long Rice

If you have a picky eater in your family, chances are they’ll like Chicken Long Rice!

It’s long noodles with bits of chicken sprinkled in. It tastes a little like chicken soup, without the soup.

Huli Huli Chicken

If you like barbecue chicken with an island twist, you’ll love Huli Huli Chicken!

You might also see roadside stands around Kauai selling Huli Huli Chicken.

Try my Oven Baked Huli Huli Chicken Recipe!

Lau Lau

This is a super traditional Hawaiian food, but not all luau menus have it. It’s super rare, so if you see it, try it!

It’s usually made with pork or fish wrapped up in ti leaves and steamed.

Lomi Lomi Salmon

This is very similar to ceviche. It’s chopped up raw fish mixed diced tomatoes and onions.

Macaroni Salad

Yes, it’s just what it sounds like! It’s basically macaroni noodles with a lot of mayonnaise and usually some shredded carrots.

This is another option for picky eaters. Personally, I love mixing in a bit of Huli Huli Chicken when I eat it. So tasty!


These little white squares are like a creamy coconut jello. They are cold and make a refreshing palate cleanser! Plus, kids usually enjoy eating it.

6 Best Kauai Luau Options featured by top Hawaii blogger, Hawaii Travel with Kids: Happy couple having fun running on Hawaii beach vacations in Hawaiian clothing wearing Aloha shirt and pink sarong sun dress and flower leis for traditional wedding or honeymoon concept.


I know when people are packing for their trip to Kauai, they always ask about what to wear to a luau. So, here are my top picks to add to your Kauai packing list:

Luau Dresses

Most luau will give you either a shell lei or a purple orchid lei as you arrive.

If you think you’ll be taking a lot of photos, you’ll want to keep in mind so the lei will stand out against your dress.

I love to wear tropical dresses. My top picks are this one and this one. Putting on a Hawaiian dress always makes me feel happy and like I’m on vacation! Check out the latest prices and more details.

But you don’t need to buy a new dress! Look in your closet for something brightly colored. Or a white dress always looks nice.

For shoes, I tend to always wear sandals. You probably won’t want to risk heels, especially if the luau is on grass or near the beach.

Aloha Shirts

Men often get a shell lei, purple orchid lei, or sometimes they get a black kukui nut lei.

While men can wear any type of shirt, a Hawaiian shirt is always more memorable! If you want to order ahead of time, this one and this one are fun picks! Check out the latest prices and more details.

Men can easily pair Aloha Shirts with khakis or linen pants.

Hawaiian Clothes for Kids

And don’t forget about your kids! While they can wear anything they like, it’s so much cuter if they wear Hawaiian print!

I love matching Aloha shirt and shorts sets like this for boys and adorable Hawaiian dresses like this for girls.

Did You Find a Kauai Luau for Your Trip?

As I mentioned earlier, the right luau will be different for every family.

Most of Hawaii’s luaus are fun, but authentic, local experiences are rare. Kauai definitely offers all of this.

I hope that my list helped you decide which Kauai luau to add to your list! 

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