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Best Tours on Kauai for Kids and Teens

Are you planning a trip to Kauai and want to book some kid-friendly tours? Scroll to find out the best tours on Kauai for kids and teens worth adding to your Kauai itinerary!
This list of the best tours on Kauai for kids is in partnership with Viator and was written by Hawaii travel expert Marcie Cheung and contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, I may earn a small commission that goes back into maintaining this blog.

Planning a Kauai family vacation?

You’re in for the trip of a lifetime! Kauai is one of the most beautiful and diverse islands in Hawaii.

From its lush rainforests and cascading waterfalls to its world-famous beaches and dramatic mountain ranges, there’s something for everyone on Kauai.

And we know just where to find all the best activities for kids and teens. Our list of the top tours on Kauai for kids will help you make the most of your time here.

So we have you covered if you want to explore traditional Hawaiian culture or zipline through the rainforest.

Keep scrolling to check out our list of the best Kauai tours for kids and teens!

Don’t have time to read a bunch of Hawaii blog posts and reviews? Here are some of our top picks for visiting Kauai with kids.

Best Kid-Friendly Kauai Tours/Activities

  • Mountain Tubing (this is a low-key adventure for kids ages 5+ and it’s a personal favorite for my kiddos)
  • Private Surf Lessons for Kids (this is the BEST way for your kids to learn how to surf in Hawaii)
  • Kayaking Tour with Waterfall Hike (this is an awesome half-day adventure for older kids)
  • Luau Kalamaku (you can do a little train ride and feed farm animals before the luau)
  • Koloa Ziplining (this is the longest zipline on Kauai and a must-do for adventurous families)
  • ATV Ride (my kids LOVE this tour because you can do a little fishing, go exploring, and you’ll get DIRTY)

Best Kid-Friendly Kauai Resorts

  • Grand Hyatt Kauai (this is a personal favorite for my kids because of the water slide and saltwater lagoon)
  • Royal Sonesta Kauai (my kids LOVE the pool here because it’s the largest one in Hawaii)
  • Hilton Garden Inn (we like renting the cottages here because you can walk to a massive playground)

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Things to do on Kauai with Kids FAQs

Are there any Kauai dolphin tours?

While you can’t really swim with dolphins on Kauai, you can do a cool Kauai boat cruise where you can see dolphins swimming in the wild.

What are the best things to do on Kauai with toddlers?

There are tons of things to don on Kauai for toddlers. The Kilohana Plantation Railways is a cute train ride where kids can feed farm animals. There are also Toddler Tuesdays at Kukui Grove with storytime and activities.

Are there any indoor activities in Kauai?

Whether it’s raining on Kauai or you just need a break from the sun, there are several indoor activities on Kauai. My top pick is the Kauai Museum, which has cool exhibits highlighting Kauai history and culture. There’s also the Kauai Ocean Discovery center at Kukui Grove. There’s always shopping, too.

Amazing Tours on Kauai for Kids and Teens

1. Kid-Friendly Kauai Zipline Tour

Want to see the island from a new perspective? Take one of these kid-friendly zipline tours on Kauai!

Get an aerial view as you soar over lush forests and across Waita Reservoir. This is one of the best things to do in Poipu Kauai.

Image of a woman ziplining in Hawaii

While cruising near Koloa, hang onto your handlebars or try some daring acrobatic stunts with the ‘Flyin’ Kauai’ hands-free harness that lets flyers do superhero stuff while floating in midair – it even has snacks included.

This zipline tour on Kauai is geared for kids at least seven years old. Check the latest rates and availability.

2. Kauai Zodiac Tour

What are you waiting for? Get your snorkel on the stunning Na Pali Coast today on one of the best Kauai boat tours!

Join a small group and explore this picturesque area that is famous among travelers worldwide.

The views will make it worth every minute of effort as they gaze upon gorgeous cliffs, and clear waters with amazing marine life – all in an afternoon’s time span!

This Kauai zodiac tour is geared for kids at least seven years old. Check the latest rates and availability.

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3. Guided Kayak Adventure on the Wailua River

On this half-day kayak adventure, embark on the legendary Wailua River. You will experience lush tropical landscape and learn about ancient Hawaiian history while exploring one of Hawaii’s most famous attractions.

Image of the Wailua River and green mountains on Kauai

All the kayaking equipment is included, and you’ll even get a tasty picnic lunch. Plus you’ll get to learn all kinds of things from your knowledgable guide.

This Kauai kayak tour is geared for kids at least five years old. Check the latest rates and availability.

4. Deluxe Na Pali Morning Snorkel Tour

The views on this catamaran cruise are unbeatable! You’ll see lush green valleys, towering spires, and jagged sea cliffs. Dolphins will swim by while you enjoy a buffet lunch with your favorite drinks (included in this tour).

Exploring the Na Pali Coast is just one of the many best things to do on Kauai on a budget recommended by top Hawaii blog Hawaii Travel with Kids. Image of a rugged coastline.

You’ll also have time during your tour off-shore to swim or snorkel with provided equipment.

This Kauai snorkeling tour is geared for kids at least three years old. Check the latest rates and availability.

5. Guided Shore Snorkeling Tour on Kauai

If you aren’t sure about taking your kids on a boat, consider this Kauai snorkeling tour on the beach on Kauai’s sunny South Shore.

Find out where to snorkel on Kauai with kids. Image of kids snorkeling on Kauai.

You’ll have a more personal experience on small-group tours (this one is limited to 6 people). You will learn about wildlife and Hawaii’s ecosystem from your guide.

The South Shore is also a great place to see turtles nesting on the beach or Hawaiian monk seals lounging in the sun.

This Kauai snorkeling tour is geared for kids at least five years old. Check the latest rates and availability.

6. Waimea Canyon Downhill Bike Ride

You will venture on a bucket list type coasting downhill bike ride as you make it down to the breeze of the Pacific just in time for sunset over Ni’ihau.

Winding street to Kalalau Lookout on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, USA

This is an all-inclusive tour that provides access to three state parks and allows guests some fun roadside attractions like secret lookouts covering Kaua’i’s most iconic places!

This Kauai bike tour is geared for teens at least 15 years old. Check the latest rates and availability.

7. Princeville Botanical Gardens Tour and Chocolate Tasting

Princeville Botanical Gardens offers an immersive experience for chocolate lovers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Let your taste buds explore the tempting flavors of tropical fruit and honey in Princeville’s beautiful garden oasis on this guided tour through Kauai’s diverse landscape while learning how cocoa beans are transformed into richly textured chocolates made from pure ingredients.

This Kauai garden tour is geared for kids at least seven years old. Check the latest rates and availability.

8. Kauai ATV Backroads Adventure Tour

There is so much to see and do on the island of Kauai, but if you’re looking for an adventure that will take your breath away then book this guided ATV tour.

Check out this Kauai ATV tour review by top Hawaii blog Hawaii Travel with Kids! Image of two boys posing next to a Polaris ATV on Kauai
The Kauai ATV tour is a blast for families! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

After a short safety discussion with their guides, you’ll get started off nicely by going through some plantation trees before heading up into more rugged terrain.

You’ll do a bit of hiking and possibly do some catch-and-release fishing. You can read my full Kauai ATV tour review.

This Kauai ATV tour is geared open to kids of all ages, but use your judgment. Check the latest rates and availability.

9. Secret Kauai Tour

If you’d like to explore Kauai but you aren’t renting a car, this secret Kauai tour is perfect! They will pick you up from your hotel and do a whirlwind 5-hour tour of the South part of the island.

Image of Waimea Canyon and a waterfall on Kauai

You’ll see Waimea Canyon, Spouting Horn, play at Poipu Beach, and even get a picnic lunch.

This Kauai island tour is geared for kids at least four years old. Check the latest rates and availability.

10. South & East Kauai Tour

The tour will bring you to 6 different sites on the island, including waterfalls and ancient ruins.

As your guide brings all of these sights alive with fascinating stories from past cultures in Hawaii as well as modern times- never underestimate how much information can fit into one day!

This guided Kauai tour is open to kids of all ages. Check the latest rates and availability.

11. Hanalei River Kayaking Tour

Join one of their guides for an unforgettable adventure in tropical paradise! You’ll explore beautiful Hanalei Bay and its thriving coral reef, while being surrounded by lush greenery on your guided kayak tour.

Image of a red kayak on Hanalei River on Kauai

These are tandem kayaks, which makes it ideal for families wanting to paddle with their kids. Plus, lunch is included!

This Kauai kayaking tour is geared for kids at least 5 years old. Check the latest rates and availability.

12. Scuba Dive on Kauai

Step into the ocean and explore what lies beneath. With a small group of no more than four people, you’ll receive detailed safety instruction from your dive tour guide.

Scuba Diving in Hawaii guide featured by top Hawaii blogger, Hawaii Travel with Kids

Then, you’ll dive into shallow water that let first time divers like yourself build their skills under supervision by PADI instructors on this amazing Kauai boat trip!

This Kauai scuba tour is geared for kids at least 10 years old. Check the latest rates and availability.

13. Kauai Surfing Lessons

When you’re looking for a fun activity to do in Hanalei, try surfing. And this North Shore town is perfect for it!

Find out all the best things to do in Kauai with kids by top Hawaii blog Hawaii Travel with Kids. Image of a father and daughter wearing swimsuits and walking in the ocean in Hawaii.

Your 2-hour private lesson on the waves of beautiful Kauai will teach you all about paddling and reading surf conditions before getting into your first stand up paddle (or “standup”) session!

This Kauai surf lesson is geared for kids at least 13 years old. Check the latest rates and availability.

14. Kauai Food Tour

If you always feel like there’s never enough time to eat at all the restaurants on your list, this food tour of Kauai is perfect!

Image of a sushi burrito from Sushi Girl on the Kauai Food Tour

They have tours all over the island so it’s easy to find one that is either close to where you’re staying or that fits your schedule. And the samples are huge! See our Kauai food tour review.

This Kauai food tour is open to kids of all ages. Check the latest rates and availability.

15. Kauai Movie Tour

If a movie says it was filmed in Hawaii, chances are most of it was filmed specifically on Kauai.

This is a mini-bus tour that goes around the island showing Kauai filming sites of movies like “Tropic Thunder,” “Jurrasic Park,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” and so many more.

This movie tour on Kauai is open to kids of all ages. Check the latest rates and availability.

16. Hanalei Adventurer Scavenger Hunt

If your kids like interactive games, they will LOVE this scavenger hunt in Hanalei.

The game takes place on WhatsApp where you host will give you clues and you have to figure out where to go. Plus, you’ll learn about the island along the way.

This is perfect for families with tweens and teens who want something a little different than a traditional tour.

This Kauai scavenger hunt is geared for kids at least 4 years old. Check the latest rates and availability.

17. Yoga on the Beach

Start your morning off with a mindful yoga lesson right on the beach. It’s great for families who already do yoga or for total newbies.

All the breathing and stretching will prepare you for a day of adventure. They also have sunset sessions, a great way to wind down.

This Kauai yoga session is open to kids of all ages. Check the latest rates and availability.

18. Samoan Fire Knife Experience

One of the coolest things to do on Kauai with kids is learning how to do Samoan fire knife dancing. Yes, the same thing they do at the end of luaus!

Image of a man teaching a kid how to do Samoan Fire Knife dancing on Kauai

You’ll meet up with a local professional who will teach you step-by-step how to do a few moves with a practice knife. Then, those who are confident can light it on fire and show off! You can read our full Samoan fire knife workshop review.

This Samoan fire knife workshop is open to kids of all ages. Check the latest rates and availability.

Wrap Up

These family tours are some of the coolest things to do with kids in Kauai. Add a few of them to your Kauai itinerary mixed in with some beach days, and you’re all set!

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