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40 Adorable Gifts for Beach Lovers

Looking for Hawaii gift ideas for someone who loves the beach? We have you covered! Keep scrolling for my list of the cutest gifts for beach lovers!

Close your eyes for a moment. Feel the sun warming your skin, the sand between your toes, and the wind blowing through your hair.

Those feelings are the best gifts for the beach lover. They can’t always spend their time at the beach, but you can help them recapture that joy with the perfect gift. 

This guide to the best gifts for beach lovers will point you in the right direction to find a unique present that helps them recall that feeling of peace that comes with being in the best place they know.

Keep scrolling for the best beach gift ideas!

Home Décor Gifts for Ocean Lovers

The oceanfront has its own set of rules when it comes to décor. But a lot of it would seem odd or out of place anywhere else.

Just random seashells lying around? Perfectly okay at the beach, but weird in the suburbs.

However, just the right item can recall that casual ocean motif without seeming too odd in your beach lover’s home.

Here are some cute beach housewarming gifts for the beach lover in your life:

Seashell Holder

Speaking of seashells, beach lovers always come back with loads of seashell souvenirs. This slat wood seashell holder is the perfect place to store them.

The relatable sentiment on the front reads, “Every Sea Shell Has a Story.” It is one of the best gifts for a beach house! Check the latest prices.

Pillow Cases

Next on the list of beach gift ideas will brighten up the room with vibrant coastal colors. Life’s a Beach, Enjoy the Waves Throw Pillow Case is a 12×20” reminder to enjoy the waves.

The other pillow in this two-pack says The Ocean Has My Heart.

It only comes with the pillowcases. You will need to get the pillow inserts separately.

The best thing about this is that the subdued color palette can fit into all sorts of decorating schemes nicely. It is the perfect beach gift! Check the latest prices.

Nautical Wall Decor

Does your beach goer love to sail the open seas? This nautical wall hanging décor will be perfect for the wall in need of some beach décor.

The steering wheel features a fishing net, some fish, and seashells. I think it is even one of the great beach gifts for men! Check the latest prices.

Nautical Framed Art

This Nautical Framed Art is the perfect gift for a beach lover. It comes as a set of four and is so cute!

These art pieces are already framed and ready to go! The blue watercolor painting style is so gorgeous! Check the latest prices.

Beach Themed Garland

This Beach Themed Garland is so unique and would look perfect on your mantle all year old. It has teal sea glass with white starfish for a beautiful and simple look.

I think it is another one of the perfect beach themed gifts for a beach house or someone who has a beach themed part of their house! Check the latest prices.

Beach Frosted Lighted Bottle

This Beach Lighted Bottle Decoration is quite unique too and is handmade. A beach is beautifully painted on the bottle to put on your shelf with other beach decorations.

There are also lights included to light it up to make it look more peaceful and perfect for the beach lover in your life. Check the latest prices.

Sea Glass Christmas Tree

This is one of the gifts beach lovers will love during the holiday season! This Sea Glass Christmas Tree is stunning!

You can choose what size you get, or get multiple to create a set! If you are looking for a beach gift idea for Christmastime, you can’t go wrong with these. Check the latest prices.

Beach Wave Macrame

Another great gift for beach lovers is this Beach Wave Macrame. It is simple and minimalistic and would go great in anyone’s home.

It is handmade with driftwood and cotton cords, then hand-dyed to match the colors of the ocean! Check the latest prices.

Handmade Presents for Beach Lovers

The next set of unique gifts for beach lovers features handmade designs from talented artisans. These artists use or recreate different elements from the beach to create beautiful one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Here are some more of the best gifts for a beach lover!

Baby Sea Turtle Wood Bowl

Sea turtle fans cannot pass up this opportunity to own an original baby sea turtle wood beach bowl.

This stunning acacia wood bowl was made in Kailua, Hawaii, and is the perfect size for small collectibles and jewelry. I think it qualifies as one of the luxury beach gifts because it is so unique and special.

Sure to collect compliments as well as whatever small items the owner stores inside. Check the latest prices.

Sea Turtle Night Light

That isn’t the only sea turtle option on this list. Next is a beautiful Sea Turtle Night Light.

These nightlights are handmade and guaranteed not to fade, whiten, or bubble. The soft light would be perfect for a bathroom or hallway to light up the way at night. 

Not only is it cute, but it is also one of the practical beach gifts too! Check the latest prices.

Beach Glass Windchime

The next gift idea is made using sandblasted glass and driftwood. This handcrafted windchime creates a gentle, tranquil sound that will remind beach lovers of that peaceful beach feeling.

The beautiful colors will enchant the owner as well as the company who comes to visit. I think it is one of the best beach house gifts you can get! Check the latest prices.

Personalized Christmas Ornament

If you are looking for Christmas gifts for beach lovers, then a personalized ornament might be just the thing.

Choose between a shark or turtle and add the option to personalize it for only $2 more.

Backlighting this ornament with Christmas lights is sure to make it shine and add a little beach flavor to the tree. 

Any beach lover will love these Christmas beach gifts! Check the latest prices.

Ocean Wave Candleholder

Another one of the gift ideas for beach lovers is an ocean wave candleholder. The beautiful fused glass resembles the ocean waves and sits on a natural wood stand.

This handcrafted glass bowl is one of a kind and would fit perfectly in any beachgoer’s home. A candle burning inside would add the perfect touch of serenity. 

It is one of the top beach themed gifts for her! Check the latest prices.

Ocean Resin Coasters

Another one of the beachy gifts for mom are these Ocean Resin Coasters. Not only do you get the coasters, but also the holder too!

It is the perfect beach themed gift for a friend or family member who loves all things beachy. Check the latest prices.

Ocean Wine Glass

I think this Ocean Wine Glass is one of the best beach gifts for dad. It is definitely unique and will remind you of the beach every time you take a sip.

This gift for beach lovers is one of my favorite beach gifts I have found; it is just so pretty! Check the latest prices.

Personalized Beach Tumbler

If you don’t drink wine, that’s fine! Grab this Beach Tumbler instead! It is one of the cool beach gifts I’ve found.

It is one of the top beach Christmas gifts because you can have it personalized too! Check the latest prices.

Ocean Cutting Board

If you are looking for some beach gifts for him and her for a wedding, try this Ocean Cutting Board.

You can personalize it with their names to make it a special wedding gift they will treasure forever. This is the perfect beach gift for those who got married on the beach! Check the latest prices.

Beach Waves Coffee Mug

This Coffee Mug is another handmade product you will love. It is made with hand-poured resin art to look like the ocean and sand. Plus, it is made with REAL sand; how cool is that!

It is one of the top beach gifts for moms who always need a cup of coffee in the morning! Check the latest prices.

Ocean Bookmark

These Ocean Bookmarks are the perfect beach gifts for friends who love to read! They are made with real sand just like the mugs.

Resin art is so beautiful and these bookmarks are just fun beach gifts. Check the latest prices.

Beach Candle

Why get a simple candle that has a tropical smell when you can get a Beach Candle that smells like the beach and looks like it too! This candle has shells and sand on the top that sets it apart from other candles.

I think it is one of the best beach themed gifts for beach lovers! Check the latest prices.

Beach Themed Gift Basket

A Beach Themed Gift Basket is always a hit. This one comes with a soy candle, bath bomb, soap bar, spray lotion, and some towels. Each item is beach themed and smells like a tropical paradise!

Beach basket gifts are a great gift for beach lovers when you don’t know what else to get them. Check the latest prices.

Wearable Gifts for Beach Lovers

It isn’t only home décor that can declare a love for the beach. There are plenty of wearable items that can be used to indicate a fondness for the salt life.

There are plenty of garments that can be worn every day, but still fit in on the sand.

Here are some fun beach gifts you can wear!

Beachy Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt bears the slogan “Weekends. Coffee. & the Beach.” Let everyone know that you have your priorities in order while keeping warm.

And if it’s a windy day at the beach, hey, you could even wear it there. There’s no rule against sweatshirts at the beach, or against going in sweatshirt weather. It comes in a variety of colors. 

I think it could work as one of the funny beach gifts too. Check the latest prices.

Charm Bracelet

Then, we have the Life is Better at the Beach Charm Bracelet, which offers up the sentiment “I’m a toes-in-the-sand kind of girl.”

This bracelet is pretty and elegant enough to be able to be worn with more casual or even somewhat fancier outfits.

Show off to anyone who cares to notice what type of girl you are. It is one of the best beach gifts for Christmas! Check the latest prices.

Beachy Cap

Another great item for the beach or for every day is the “Beach Hair Don’t Care” ball cap.

Pre-weathered, this cap is just the thing to throw on any time you’re heading to the beach, to keep your hair out of your face. Or just around town. Really anywhere that casual dress is okay.

Show off the fact that you know what your hair looks like, and don’t care what others think with one of the best beach accessory gifts. Check the latest prices.

Swimsuit Coverup

Now, no trip to the beach would go well without a good coverup. Coverups make for great gifts for a beach vacation.

The secret is to find something that will make you presentable enough to run into town if needs be, but also casual enough that you won’t worry about just how much sand is getting embedded in it when you are at the beach.

The White Halter Dress Coverup fits all those needs. If you need beach gifts for women, a coverup is a sure thing. Check the latest prices.


You’ll want a T-shirt to complement the other pieces here. It bears the slogan “Not all who wander are lost. Some are just looking for the perfect seashell.” And it’s true.

The perfect seashell is out there. Let everyone know you have dibs. Definitely a great beach lover gift for all ages. Check the latest prices.

“Aloha” Shirt

This next shirt is a bright, colorful, and cheery hello to whomever you might see. Actually, it’s an “Aloha” shirt with a hibiscus blossom.

It’s really the perfect sentiment for the beach. If you can’t be friendly there, you probably can’t be anywhere. Plus, you can customize it, making it one of the best personalized beach gifts! Check the latest prices.

Ocean Wave Stud Earrings

I had to include these Ocean Wave Stud Earrings! They are so cute and are the perfect minimalist beach lovers gifts!

The design is so simple it can be worn no matter where you go! It is another great beach gift idea for your loved one. Check the latest prices.

Sea Glass Pearl Necklace

This is one of the prettiest beach wedding gifts for beach lovers. The mint sea glass and pearls together are quite beautiful on this necklace.

This necklace is waterproof and metal-free and is definitely one of the most unique beach gifts to give! Check the latest prices.

Beach Bum Sweatershirt

I had to include this Beach Bum Sweatshirt. It is one of the beach lover gifts for all the “beach bums” in your life.

I love the simple design. Plus, it looks really comfy! Check the latest prices.

Beach Fixes Everything Shirt

This Beach Fixes Everything Shirt is one the best beach gifts for her. I love the watercolor design.

The friend or family member in your life who loves going to the beach will truly believe the saying too! Check the latest prices.

Beach Themed Watch Band

A Beach Watch Band is another one of the nice mom beach gifts since most moms wear a smartwatch of some sort.

The silicone band is engraved with turtles and can even be personalized with your name too! This shop offers tons of different designs too, including plumeria flowers, other marine life, and a Life is Better at the Beach one too! Check the latest prices.

Gifts for Someone Going to Hawaii

Not everyone who goes to the beach goes to Hawaii. But everyone who goes to Hawaii goes to the beach.

This paradise is like a magnet to beachgoers everywhere. And while your standard beach apparel would work, a special beach deserves special beach gear.

Here are some beach vacation gifts for beach lovers:

Sand Resistant Beach Towel

One of the most essential pieces of beach gear are good beach towels. And this Sand Resistant Beach Towel is more than good; it’s perfect.

With a pineapple motif, it recalls a Hawaiian staple food, plus it’s an attractive blue and yellow color. It is one of the top beach travel gifts. Check the latest prices.

Hawaii Luggage Tags

Airports are generally pretty dreary places. Bring a little pop of color and joy with these Meet Me in Hawaii Luggage Tags.

It’s sure to draw attention (and a little envy) from all the people heading to places that aren’t Hawaii.

If you need birthday gifts for beach lovers, a luggage tag will help remind them where they really belong. Check the latest prices.

Beach Pillow

So sand isn’t always the most comfortable thing to lay on. It’s mostly fine, but a good pillow is a necessity.

However, normal pillows are bulky, and air-filled ones tend to blow around.

Luckily, the Ballast Beach Pillow solves both of these issues. Inflatable, its design still allows it to stay put, even on a windy beach. 

This is one of the gifts for beach goers they will love to get! Check the latest prices.

Waterproof Phone Pouch

Now, of course, you’re bringing your phone to the beach. How else are you going to get one of those viral shark videos? The problem is, that both sand and water are terrible for phones.

That’s where the Universal Waterproof Case, Hiearcool Waterproof Phone Pouch comes into play.

This clear pouch allows full access to your phone while protecting it from harmful elements. Check the latest prices.

Beach Umbrella Sun Shade

Of course, the sun is a major part of why you head to the beach. But too much sun brings its own problems. That’s why a good umbrella or beach tent is crucial.

The Pop Up Umbrella/Shelter serves both functions. It can be just a sunshade or a full tent. It is a great foldable sun protector for when you next go to the beach! Check the latest prices.

Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Of course, you aren’t just going to hide out in a tent the whole time. But the sun will still be there. Which is why you need to invest in a good sunscreen.

Reef Repair SPF Sunscreen combines good coverage and protection with the convenience of liquid sunscreen. Check the latest prices.

Water Shoes

Finally, while walking on the beach can be very relaxing, stepping on lava rock generally isn’t.

So, a good pair of water shoes, like the Speedo Women’s Surf Strider Water Shoes are essential. They slip on and off for convenience but will offer protection during walks. Check the latest prices.

Practical Beach Bag

There are so many beach bag gifts, but most of them lock in sand, and aren’t fun when they get wet.

You will want a cute but practical beach bag to keep everything nice, neat, and safe from the water and sand.

This beach bag is made from mesh and has a detachable cooler, perfect for cool drinks when the sun is nice and hot.

It is another one of the great gifts for people who love the beach. Check the latest prices.

Beach Lover FAQs

What to buy someone who loves the beach?

There are so many practical beach lover gifts if you know someone who loves the beach. From beautiful beach art to sweaters, beach themed cups, and more, you can’t go wrong with these beach vacation gift ideas!

What do you put in a beach basket gift?

A beach blanket, a waterproof phone case, a candle, and earrings are all great beach vacation gifts to put in a basket.

What to put with a beach towel as a gift?

The perfect beach gift idea is a beach towel for a beach trip. But, if you want to add something else, try a beach-themed tumbler or a necklace too for another fun beach gift!

Gifts for Beach Lovers Wrap-Up

So, there we have it, a whole list of great gifts for beach lovers. You’re sure to find something ideal for the beach lover on your list; maybe even for yourself.

If you are looking for beach gift ideas, you cannot go wrong with these gifts for beach lovers!

Make sure your beach lovers are all ready for their next excursion with some of the best beach gifts from this list. It could be coming up any weekend!

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