Amazing Maui Surfing Lessons for Your Maui Vacation

Are you looking for the best surf lessons in Maui for kids, teens and adults? Keep scrolling for my top Maui surfing lessons perfect for your trip to Maui.
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Have you always wanted to get better at surfing or are interested in learning how to surf in Maui?

Whether you’ve tried it before or not, it may be a fun activity that you’d like to do more often but you simply don’t know how. The best way to learn surfing is to work with an instructor.

The good news is that while you’re staying in Maui, you can take surfing lessons from skilled and experienced professionals who know their way around the water. 

In this post, I’ll share some of the best Maui surf lessons you should book before your trip.

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Surf Lessons on Maui FAQs

Where are the best places to learn how to surf on Maui?

For newbies heading to Maui, Ka’anapali Beach is one of the best best place to learn to surf in Maui.

Where can I watch the best surfing in Maui?

A few of the best surf spots in Maui include Ho’okipa Beach, Honolua Bay, and Olowalu Beach. Sit back and watch surfers of all levels show off their skills.

Are there Lahaina surf lessons?

Yes! If you’re staying in Lahaina and don’t want to drive very far, you’ll want to sign up for the Outrageous Surf School in Lahaina. These small group lessons are a great way to learn how to surf in Maui.

Beginner Surfing in Maui

A lot of people have Maui surf lessons on their bucket list. I mean, who wouldn’t want to learn to surf in Maui?

The trick is to find someone with the patience and skill level to teach you. That’s where I can help.

These considerate surf instructors listed below will walk you through the steps involved in learning to balance yourself on the board and handle waves of all sizes. You can start small and work your way to more advanced lessons that will have you gliding the waves in no time.

Before you get started, check out this impressive list of surfing lessons in Maui. You can take private lessons, group lessons, and even beginner lessons to gain the skills needed to have success while in the water.

No matter which lessons you decide to take, you can expect to improve your surfing skills in no time.

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Best Maui Surfing Lessons Worth Checking Out

1. Outrageous Surf School Lessons in Lahaina

Get some serious surfing lessons from a pro with the Outrageous Surf School. Lessons are available for small groups, making it easier for everyone to get the chance to observe the instructor and ask questions when need be. Check latest rates and more information.

In addition, the certified professional instructor at this Lahaina surf school provides tips, suggestions, and as much information on surfing as possible to help you feel comfortable while in the water.

Don’t worry about buying and bringing surfing equipment along with you because it’s provided. The Outrageous Surf School makes sure to give you a memorable and enjoyable experience for its guests! Click here to see more reviews.

2. Kihei Surfing Lessons for Groups

Enjoy a group surf lesson in Kihei that lasts for two hours, giving you more than enough time to get the hang of balancing on the board and riding small waves as they approach you.

These beginner lessons are perfect for those new to surfing who don’t have much experience being out in the water and riding the waves. Check latest rates and more information.

The instructor offers pointers on how to ride waves and avoid falling off the board. You’ll also get to learn about staying safe in the ocean. Instructors can teach you what to do if you fall off your board while you’re riding a wave, which is bound to happen from time to time.

If you’re a beginner who wants to get better at surfing, these lessons are ideal. Click here to see more reviews.

3. Waves Hawaii Surf School Group Lesson

Learn to surf and get some much-needed practice with the Waves Hawaii Surf School. You can decide if you’d like to head out in the water with a group or not. If you prefer to learn to surf with fewer people around, semi-private and private lessons are available.

You’ll get all the attention needed and plenty of time to ask your instructor questions on how to surf correctly to ride the waves. Check latest rates and more information.

Most lessons last for at least two hours. Expect to have a wonderful experience with patient instructors who want to see you get the hang of surfing in no time.

If you’re traveling with any children under eight years old, it’s ideal to book a private lesson to ensure they’re receiving the attention and assistance needed. Click here to see more reviews.

4. Private Surf Lesson for Two

Skip the crowds and have an intimate experience when booking a private surf lesson for two. The class lasts for 90 minutes and allows individuals to get more one-on-one time with the instructor.

If you choose this lesson, you’ll get to spend time surfing near Lahaina in some of the best places to ride the waves. Check latest rates and more information.

You’ll learn how to improve your paddling when heading out to the water, practice balancing yourself on the board, and get helpful tips on how to catch the most waves possible. The lesson is ideal for beginners and those looking to improve their skills.

Even if you’ve spent time on the water, you can still brush up on what you know and get even better at surfing with this lesson. Click here to see more reviews.

5. Maui Surf Instruction 101

Start with the basics and work your way up with the Maui Surf Instruction 101 lesson. You’ll spend time in the water by Cove Park in Maui with a skilled instructor who will make sure you’re comfortable before you head out.

Ride on some of the best surfing equipment while practicing your balancing and movements before you get into the water. Check latest rates and more information.

Then, test things out in the calm waters near Cove Park to gain that experience and increase your comfort level on the board.

Before you know it, you’ll feel like you’re ready to head out in deeper water with more waves coming forward as you try to ride them. Click here to see more reviews.

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6. Semi-Private Surf Lesson in Lahaina

Take a semi-private surf lesson in Lahaina for two hours. It’s the perfect lesson to take when you’re traveling with a group of people.

Instead of learning to surf with strangers, you’ll get to learn how to surf with your group of family or friends with help from a certified instructor.

It gives you the chance to ask for help when you need it and gather all the information provided to you before getting in the water with your board. Check latest rates and more information.

Each person in the group gets the opportunity to head out in the water, paddle themselves out a bit, and then attempt to get on the board while surfing the waves.

Don’t feel discouraged if you fall off the board! Your instructor will help and make sure you get the hang of surfing during your semi-private lesson. Click here to see more reviews.

7. Private Group Surf Lesson

Receive the best treatment during this private group surf lesson. The two-hour lesson makes it possible for you to learn surfing basics. Not only will you learn new techniques to try, but you’ll get the chance to go out on the water and give it your all.

You don’t have to worry about what will happen if you cannot hold yourself on the board because the instructor will stay by your side. Check latest rates and more information.

A certified instructor handles these private group surf lessons, providing each individual with the attention needed to understand better the proper way to surf.

It’s the perfect lesson to take as a beginner, especially if you’re traveling with children and want them to learn how to surf. Click here to see more reviews.

8. Semi-Private Surf Lesson at Kaanapali Beach

Take a semi-private lesson while at Kaanapali Beach. It’s one of the best beaches in Maui for a reason! Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also the perfect place to visit when you want to go surfing. Check latest rates and more information.

While taking this semi-private lesson, you’ll spend about 90-120 minutes learning surf techniques both on the beach and in the water. 

Your Maui surf instructor will guide you through different steps, including helping you learn to balance your body and hold yourself in the perfect position while standing on your board. 

What’s nice about these Maui surf lessons is that you can learn at a pace that you feel comfortable with and then get in the water to give it a try. 

These Kaanapali surf lessons are available at different times of the day, so you can head out in the morning or even in the afternoon to gain experience and test your skills in the water. 

The patient instructors work well with people of all ages, so feel free to book this lesson when traveling throughout Maui with the children. Click here to see more reviews.

9. Paddle, Snorkel and Learn to Surf

Spend a full day making memories and trying new things with this Paddle, Snorkel, and Surf session. You’ll spend about five hours in the water with certified instructors who want you to make the most of the time.

First, you can ride around in a kayak to explore the water and see marine animals, including the giant sea turtles and possibly a few dolphins along the way. Check latest rates and more information.

Once you’ve finished riding around in the kayak, you can go snorkeling to see colorful fish and other beautiful marine animals in the water from an exciting new view.

You’ll also get two hours to spend learning how to surf. Experienced guides provide you with hands-on instruction and suggestions to ensure that you’re getting the hang of surfing.

If you look forward to spending a full day in the water, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Click here to see more reviews.

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Maui Hawaii Surfing Lessons

Surfing is an amazing water activity that will leave you feeling like you’re on top of the world as you ride large waves in the water. However, it does take time, effort, and lots of practice to have success with it.

If you’d love to get the hang of surfing, plenty of lessons are readily available in Maui. You can choose from some of the best sessions from Maui surf schools where you’ll get to learn everything you need to know about surfing before you step foot in the water.

The instructors have spent years surfing the waves in Maui and can help you learn the ropes with ease. Some lessons are longer than others, and some are more intimate than others. It all depends on what you prefer when learning how to surf.

Regardless of which lessons you decide to take, expect to become a better surfer by the time you’ve finished working with skilled instructors.

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