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Cutest Ocean Crafts for Preschool Kids

Are you heading to Hawaii with kids or looking for cute projects to teach your kids about ocean creatures? Scroll for the most adorable ocean crafts for preschool students you can make today.
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Are you looking for a fun way to teach your kids about the ocean?

These ocean crafts are perfect to go with an ocean unit study or just because! Simple and easy, they will have so much fun making their own creatures and scenes.

Pick a few different crafts to make your own beautiful indoor ocean at home! This is an awesome roundup of cute ocean crafts for preschool kids.

You can use these simple supplies from around the house or pick up some cheap supplies at the dollar store. They’re great for fine motor skills too! Plus, they’ll be able to play with them over and over again when you’re done.

It’s never been easier to create such a cool craft project that teaches kids about one of our most important ecosystems on earth – The Ocean!

These ocean crafts for kids are perfect to go with your ocean unit study or to make just because! Simple and easy for little kids, they will have so much fun making their own ocean creatures and scenes.

Pick a few different crafts to make your own beautiful indoor ocean at home!

17 Amazing Ocean Crafts for Preschool Kids

1. Ocean Animal Suncatcher Craft

Find out how to make ocean animal coffee filter suncatchers by top Hawaii blog Hawaii Travel with Kids. Image of a starfish, memaid tail, and seashell suncatcher.

These under the sea crafts for preschool kids are super easy to make, and they look adorable. Make as many as you like and hang them up in your windows as decoration.

2. Paper Whale Craft

Learn how to make whale crafts by top Hawaii blog Hawaii Travel with Kids. Image of two paper whales.

It doesn’t get much cuter than these paper whale crafts! A grown-up can cut out all the pieces so that these become easy ocean crafts for toddlers and preschoolers to make.

3. Simple Origami Shark Craft

Origami can be tricky for little kids to manage. But, this is a really simple origami shark tutorial that grown-ups can do alongside young children. Plus, they will love adding googly eyes to it!

4. Crab Craft

Adorable crab ocean craft for kids. Image of paper crabs that are standing up and have giant eyes.

These cute little crabs are so much fun and surprisingly easy to make. The crabs even stand up on their own and make fun little toys after.

5. Yellow Paper Plate Submarine Craft

Pretend you are in a yellow submarine with this awesome kids ocean craft idea.

Explore the ocean with this adorable yellow submarine craft; your kids will love it. They can pretend to be inside a submarine and imagine what they can see through their little window.

6. Humpback Whale Puppet Craft

How cute is this paper whale puppet craft for kids? Image of a blue whale puppet using a paper bag.

This paper bag humpback whale is the perfect ocean craft for kids. It doesn’t get much cuter than this! Plus, you can use it as a tool to tell your kids more about humpback whales.

7. Mini Aquarium in a Bottle

Image of a ocean sensory bottle.

This mini-aquarium is a great sensory activity and an easy way to learn about sea life. Kids can help make it and then use it as a calm-down activity.

8. Sea Life Spinner

This sea life spinner is great for teaching kids about the ocean.

Is your little one excited about sea life and all things found above and below the water? If so, they’re going to love this Sea Life Spinner.

9. Jellyfish Craft

Your kids will love making this jellyfish craft out of a paper plate and yarn.

This super easy-to-make fun jellyfish paper plate craft for kids is a great way to learn about sea life with kids. You can hang it up when you’re done and use it as a decoration.

10. Paper Plate Seashells

Looking for paper plate crafts for kids about the ocean? Check out this paper plate seashell craft.

This paper plate seashell craft is sure to get your kids excited to eat seafood! Get creative with this easy and colorful sea life craft!

11. Shark Painted Rocks

These shark painted rocks are fun ocean crafts for kids

Hop on the rock painting trend and have some toothy fun with these shark-painted rocks. The trick is to find pointy rocks for the shark shape.

12. Fish and Seahorse Paper Plate

This fish and seahorse paper plate craft is a fun ocean craft for preschoolers.

This paper plate ocean craft is so cute and has a rolling wave that kids can move up and down! It’s always fun to make interactive crafts with kids.

13. Great White Shark Craft

This great white shark craft is perfect for doing in preschool.

Sharks can be intimidating creatures, so an awesome craft about them might help kids realize there’s so much more to these super cool animals!

14. Sea Turtle Life Cycle Craft

Learn more about the sea turtle life cycle with this fun ocean craft for children.

Learn all about the sea turtle and how it grows from an egg to an adult with this sea turtle life cycle craft.

15. Bottle Cap Crabs

Your kids will love making this bottle cap crab craft.

This simple Bottle Cap Crab Kids Craft. It’s easy, fun, and will have them dreaming of the beach. So check out this fun ocean craft for kids.

16. Chompin Foam Shark Puppet

This foam shark puppet is the perfect ocean craft for toddlers.

This super easy kids’ craft lets kids gobble up imaginary fish along with the sharks on the big screen!

17. Paper Plate Turtle

This paper plate sea turtle craft is a fun ocean craft for kids of all ages.

This paper plate turtle craft is fun and easy for kids of all ages! You can read stories about sea turtles while they work on this craft.

Ocean Crafts for Kids FAQs

How to make sea animals with paper?

You can trace different animal shapes onto paper and cut them out. Another option is to make origami sea animals. Or you can make 3D sea animals using several pieces of paper stapled together and stuffing the inside with newspaper.

How do I make construction paper fish?

The easiest way to make fish out of construction paper is to trace a fish shape onto the paper and cut it out. From there, you can either use markers or crayons to draw the eyes, mouths, fins, scales, etc. You can even add glitter or glue other decorations to make your fish extra fancy.

How to make an ocean out of construction paper?

If you want to make a giant ocean, you can use individual pieces of blue construction paper to make waves. Then, you can either staple, glue or tape them together to make a giant ocean. Next, use colorful paper to make ocean animals like sharks, fish, octopuses, etc. Finally, add some green seaweed and white coral.

Under The Sea Project Ideas Wrap Up

We hope you enjoyed these ocean crafts for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners. Making them with your kids is a great way to teach them about life under the sea. They’re fun to do at home or in a school setting!

If you want more ideas on how to incorporate this theme into learning experiences, check out some of our other posts on underwater activities below.

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