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Disney’s Moana Craft: Moana Paper Doll

Do your kids love watching Disney’s Moana? Learn how to make your own Moana paper doll with this super cute Moana craft. Scroll for the full instructions!
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As someone who danced the hula for 20 years, I was pretty obsessed with Disney’s Moana even years before the film came out. I’d stalk all the Disney message boards and blogs looking for any tidbits about the movie.

Of course, I was excited to see the movie when it came out, but I was also curious to see what changes would happen with Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Hawaii.

See, they already featured Lilo and Stitch at the resort, but this was a brand-new Polynesian heroine who was taking the world by storm.

It just made sense that more families might travel to Aulani and be expecting to see Moana and her friends there.

So, we were over the moon to be able to meet Moana several times on our last trip to Aulani and hear all about her bravery at Uncle’s Fire Pit Storytelling.

We were supposed to go back to Aulani for Spring Break this year, and we were so heartbroken when we had to cancel. So, we decided to bring a bit of Aulani home with this super cute Moana craft.

There are plenty of fun Moana arts and craft ideas, making these great for a Moana-themed party.

This Disney paper doll is definitely geared toward older kids and adults (younger kids will get really frustrated, trust me, but older kids will think this is a fun craft.)

Once you make this original Moana paper doll, you can make other ones with different outfits if you like.

And these are great to put on gift bags or homemade greeting cards, or add a popsicle stick and turn them into little puppets!

The possibilities are endless!

This is the best Moana doll you can make out of paper. She’s adorable!

Moana Craft: Moana Paper Doll

Moana arts and crafts are very popular right now, even years after the Disney Moana movie. If you love Moana, try out these easy Moana crafts!

Moana Craft Supplies:

Moana Paper Doll Disney Craft from Hawaii Travel with Kids
  1. Colored craft papers
  2. Craft glue
  3. Marker pen black
  4. Pencil
  5. Scissors
  6. Moana Paper Doll Template

How to Make a Moana Paper Doll:

Here is how to make Moana for your Moana party or just for fun!

Moana Paper Doll Step 1:

Moana Paper Doll Disney Craft from Hawaii Travel with Kids

Print the Moana Paper Doll Template. Select colored craft papers as per the colors of the skin tone, dress, and accessories of Moana. 

Trace the body base on light brown colored paper, the dress patterns on cream or off-white paper, and the top patterns on different shades of red and orange paper, and the hair on dark brown colored paper. Cut out the traced patterns.

Moana Paper Doll Step 2:

Moana Paper Doll Disney Craft from Hawaii Travel with Kids

Cut a slit along the marked lines on the hair pattern.

Moana Paper Doll Step 3:

Moana Paper Doll Disney Craft from Hawaii Travel with Kids

Slide the top end of the head part through the slit from the bottom side of the hair. Apply glue to fix the head and the hair together. 

Moana Paper Doll Step 4:

Moana Paper Doll Disney Craft from Hawaii Travel with Kids

Take the 2 skirt patterns (rectangles) and attach the zigzag bordered piece along the top side of the other rectangle piece. 

Moana Paper Doll Step 5:

Moana Paper Doll Disney Craft from Hawaii Travel with Kids

Now use the attached rectangle papers to create small and even fringes. Young children might need help to make these fringes even.

Moana Paper Doll Step 6:

Moana Paper Doll Disney Craft from Hawaii Travel with Kids

Attach the small patterns on the square cutouts to complete the top of the Moana paper doll. 

Moana Paper Doll Step 7:

Moana Paper Doll Disney Craft from Hawaii Travel with Kids

Attach the top on the top side of the body base pattern. 

Moana Paper Doll Step 8:

Moana Paper Doll Disney Craft from Hawaii Travel with Kids

Take the accordion folded pattern and bring its straight end to the width same as the width of the body base and attach it right below the top pattern.

Use a black marker pen to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth of the paper Moana doll. 

And voila! You’ve completed this Moana paper craft!

Other Fun Disney Moana Crafts

There have been so many Moana craft ideas ever since the movie came out. Make any of these Moana-themed crafts and activities for a Moana-themed party. They also make for great Moana crafts for preschool too!

For an easy craft, make the heart of Te Fiti as a paper plate craft. Kids can easily color in the paper plate to look like the heart of Te Fiti, and even little ones can participate! Watch as your kids get creative with their own designs.

You can also make a Te Fiti glitter jar with green glitter. Glitter jars are always fun crafts! Or even paint a rock to make the heart of Te Fiti too!

Besides Te Fiti, other Moana craft activities can include making your own fish hook or even making a paper design of the silly rooster.

Moana fans will also love to make another paper plate craft with plenty of shiny things to make the crab to!

Making a Moana ocean slime can be another one of the best Moana activities for preschoolers. This is one of the fun Moana crafts for a birthday party that your kids will love!

Fun Moana Crafts FAQs

What age group is this Moana craft good for?

Little ones will have some trouble with this craft and can easily get upset during some steps. This Moana paper doll is probably best for kids who can easily cut, fold, and glue without any help.

Will this Moana craft be good for preschoolers?

Older preschoolers will enjoy this Moana activity, but younger children will have some trouble. It might be best for kids 4 to 5 and older.

What DIY crafts can I do for a Moana party?

This Moana paper doll is easy enough, and you probably already have everything at home to make them! You can also try to make some Moana ocean slime, the heart of Te Fiti, Maui, and other fun crafts ideas you can come up with for your Moana-themed party!

Moana Crafts Wrap-Up

Children will love making this Moana paper doll, whether just as a Moana fan or for a Moana party.

Moana art projects are great for children of all ages. Have fun making this fun Moana paper doll and anything else you want to come up with!

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