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When is the Hawaii Rainy Season?

Are you planning your first trip to Hawaii and are worried about the weather? Keep scrolling to find out about when the Hawaii rainy season happens so you can either avoid it or be prepared!
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Many people wonder if there are seasons in Hawaii other than blue skies and sunshine. But, the truth is there are still seasons, even in paradise!

Wondering when is the best time to go to avoid the rain? We’ve got you covered. Here we’ll outline all the different seasons in Hawaii, so you can have an amazing vacation without any weather surprises.

With our help, you can plan your perfect vacation and know exactly what to expect from the weather. No more worrying about storms or downpours ruining your holiday – we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the rainy season in Hawaii!

A vacation in Hawaii is a dream come true for many people, and we want to make sure your experience is awesome. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the rainy season for Hawaii.

Keep scrolling for your ultimate guide on the Hawaii rainy season.

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Rainy Season for Hawaii FAQs

What month does it rain the most in Hawaii?

Typically, you will find the most rain during December. But, it can also rain a lot in February and March.

What is the best time of the year to go to Hawaii?

This all depends on many things. It is hot and sunny during the summer, but it is more crowded and more expensive. It is colder during the winter months, but fewer people are there, and it is usually cheaper.

When should you not go to Hawaii?

Hawaii tends to be more crowded and busier during the holidays, but there isn’t really a time you should never go to Hawaii. There are still plenty of things you can do and enjoy even when it is rainy and wet!

Is There a Rainy Season in Hawaii? 

Yes, there is a rainy season for Hawaii, and it is usually during the winter months. Read on to find out exactly when Hawaii’s rainy season is for each of the islands below. 

Seasons in Hawaii

Are there even seasons in Hawaii? Technically, yes, there are, but they are not the typical seasons you will see on the mainland.

In Hawaii, there are two main seasons: winter and summer

These seasons will coincide with the mainland seasons, so summer in California is still summer in Hawaii. However, summer and winter last longer in Hawaii because you won’t see spring or autumn there! 

Winter in Hawaii

The winter season runs from November to April and is called Ho’oilo in Hawaiian. You will typically see more rainfall during these months, with a lot more rain in December or February. It is also cooler during the winter season in Hawaii, but it is not “cold.” 

Image of two people sitting on a beach wearing Santa hats and a palm tree with stockings.
Who doesn’t want to spend Christmas in Hawaii?

You can still expect plenty of sun during these months and warm temperatures. It will usually be around 78 degrees during the day. You’ll see a slight drop at night as it could be anywhere from 68 degrees to the mid-70s. 

The ocean will stay about 74 degrees and is still considered warm to swim in. The surf is higher during winter in Hawaii, so it might be a bit harder to swim if you are a beginner. During these months, you’ll definitely want to go if you love to surf or watch surf competitions. 

Summer in Hawaii

The summer, or Kau in Hawaiian, is from May to October. These months average about 85-degree weather with plenty of clear, blue skies and the hot sun shining down on you. The surf is a lot calmer, and the ocean’s temperature is in the high 70s most of the time. 

August and September are typically the hottest months. Some days it can get as high as 90 degrees! These high temperatures with intense humidity may be hard for some people. If there isn’t much wind, you will be extremely hot. 

These months are usually almost perfect and are a true paradise. If you go during the summertime in Hawaii, you will see exactly what the movies portray! 

When is the Rainy Season in Hawaii? 

Winter is considered the typical rainy season in Hawaii. You’ll see more clouds and rainfall from November to April. 

During the summer, it won’t rain too much, and it will rarely rain an entire day. Even in the winter months, it still may only rain for a few minutes at a time. 

Image of Hanalei Valley with taro fields, green mountains, and a rainbow.
Hanalei Valley on Kauai in the rain.

One thing to note about summer in Hawaii is that it also is considered hurricane season, which can run anywhere from June to November. Tropical storms can happen at any time, but you will usually see them more frequently during those months. 

When a tropical storm is over Hawaii, you will see a lot more rain during the summer, but it tends to get back to being hot and sunny after a day or two.

Hawaii’s rain is not like the mainland. Even though it is raining, it is still hot and humid. Some view it as refreshing and it helps cool you off some, especially when there is little to no wind! 

When it rains in Hawaii, it also can be a quick two-minute downpour or slight drizzles here and there. You can even see rain off and on all throughout the day. It is very hard to predict! 

Rainy Seasons for Each Island

While each island usually has the same rainy season, it can vary some. 

The Kauai rainy season is from December to March, with December being the rainiest month in Kauai. 

Kauai is the wettest island, so you will see more rain all year long than most of Hawaii. It is actually one of the wettest places on earth! 

You’ll see the most rain from November to the end of March in Maui. In Maui, March is usually the rainiest month out of the entire year. The Maui rainy season all depends on which side of the island you visit. The west side is the rainy side of Maui, and the south side is dry and warmer. 

The Oahu rainy season is the same as Maui, with December being the rainiest month. 

For the Big Island, the rainy season is from November to March, and November is the rainiest month. 

While the rainy months in Hawaii vary by island, overall, you will find the rainy months in Hawaii anywhere from November to April. 

Does it Rain a lot in Hawaii? 

There are days when there is a lot of rain, but overall, it is sunny and warm in Hawaii. 

The islands’ windward sides usually have the most rainfall overall, and rain happens more regularly there. This usually happens during the winter or during the hurricane season. 

There are even days when it rains on one side of the island, and as you drive to the other, it is nice and sunny. Some days you’ll have sunshine on one side of the tunnel and rain on the other! 

Best Things to do in Hawaii on a Rainy Day

If there happens to be rain when you go to Hawaii, there are plenty of things you can do! Here are a few of the best things to do in Hawaii on a rainy day. 

1. Visit a Museum 

There are plenty of museums on each island of Hawaii that are fascinating and full of culture. The Bishop Museum, Honolulu Museum of Art, Baldwin Home Museum, Lyman Museum and Mission House, and Kauai Museum are all great options.

Some museums are free, while others require a small fee. There are even kid activities in many of these museums too! 

2. Ocean Centers and Aquariums 

One of the best things to do in Maui on a rainy day is the Maui Ocean Center. Here, you can learn about sea life with over 60 different exhibits.

Image of people walking through a tubular aquarium at Maui Ocean Center
Maui Ocean Center. Photo credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Tommy Lundberg

Aquariums are also great places to explore Hawaii’s ocean life without getting wet. Your entire family will love any ocean center or aquarium in any of the islands. 

3. Go to the Spa

You can still have a relaxing vacation even when it rains; just go to the spa! Hawaii has some of the best spas and is sure to be a peaceful part of your trip. Many resorts will have spas to go to, or you can find other spas to visit as well in almost every city! 

4. Pearl Harbor 

Many of the exhibits at Pearl Harbor are inside, making it a great rainy day activity in Hawaii. Tickets to the USS Arizona Memorial are free but are first-come, first-serve.

Find out how to get from Waikiki to Pearl Harbor by top Hawaii blog Hawaii Travel with Kids. Image of the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor on Oahu.
USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor

This is a great tourist attraction that can be done, rain or shine! And it also is home to the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum (which is perfect for rainy days in Hawaii)!

5. Go Shopping 

If there is a rainy day during your trip to Hawaii, take time to go shopping for all your souvenirs! This is the perfect time to shop so that when it becomes sunny, you can enjoy the beach once again! 

6. Island Tour

Make it a day trip to drive around the island and enjoy the beauty of each side. Who knows, you might make it to the other side of the island where it is nice and dry! If you want, you can go on a Circle Island Tour as well, but you will still get out every now and then.  

Hawaiian Rainy Season Wrap Up

The rainy season for Hawaii is still a great time to visit because it doesn’t rain the entire time. There are still plenty of fun adventures, even during the Hawaii rainy season.

If you want hot, sunny days all the time, plan your trip to Hawaii during the summer months. If you don’t mind a little rain to cool down here and there, you can enjoy a vacation in Hawaii during any month of the year!

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