Are you planning a Hawaiian luau party and need some cheap Hawaiian luau decorations? Check out this DIY luau decoration tutorial on how to make an artificial Hawaiian flower wreath. Scroll for the full instructions!
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One of the things that make hosting a backyard luau so much fun are all the tropical decorations!

This is a quick, easy tutorial for making an artificial Hawaiian flower wreath. If you’re hosting your own luau this summer and need some more decorations, this might be just the thing!

We’ll go over how to make one from scratch, using inexpensive materials that are available at most craft stores.

You can also use any leftover flowers from another project or event too – it’s all about getting creative with what you have around the house!

Hawaiian Party Decorations FAQs

What are some easy luau decorations to make at home?

If you want to DIY luau decorations for a party, there are tons of fun options. For centerpieces, you can create paper pineapples or palm trees. And you can also make paper flower leis to hand out to guests (or have that be a kids craft project during your party).

What do you need for a Hawaiian themed party?

I think it all comes down to tropical decorations, Hawaiian food, and Hawaiian music. If you really want to go all out, you can hand out leis, hire a hula dancer to perform, and offer some fun outdoor games.

How do I store this Hawaiian floral wreath?

You can use a wreath container if you are worried about it getting smooshed. Otherwise, you can place it in a plastic tub with your other luau decoration.

Tropical Flower Wreath Supplies:

How to Make a Hawaiian Flower Wreath

Using the wire cutters, carefully and neatly clip 4 pieces of palm leaves. Leave a couple inches so you have some to attach them on either side of your metal hoop for decoration!

Image of wire cutters clipping the stem of a fake flower.
Carefully cut your fake palm leaves.

Next, you’ll want to remove the hibiscus flowers from the stems (they will easily pop off)!

Image of three pink silk hibiscus blossoms on a white surface.
You should have no problem plucking these flowers.

Then, cut about 6″ long sections out of floral tape that will go around your stem in order to hold it together more securely.

Image of scissors cutting a piece of green floral tape.
Measure and cut your floral tape.

Start by wrapping one layer tightly around the stem of your palm leaf (the part without any leaf).

Image of green florist tape wrapped around a gold hoop.
Carefully wrap the floral tape around the wire hoop.

Repeat this process with the remaining 3 palms leaves. You’ll want 2 leaves on each side of your wreath.

Finally, apply some hot glue to the bottom of each of the 3 hibiscus flowers and place them in between the palms on the metal hoop.

Image of hot glue on a pink silk flower.
Put a glob of glue on each flower.
Image of pink flowers glued to a hoop wreath
Secure all flowers to the wreath with hot glue.

Remember to allow for them to fully dry before hanging on the wall.

Image of a gold hoop wreath with palm leaves and pink hibiscus flowers on it.
Voila! You have an adorable Hawaiian flower wreath!

Wrap Up

Now you can create your very own backyard luau or Moana-themed party by making a flower wreath. This is as easy as it gets–you don’t need any special skills, just some time and the right supplies!

So grab a handful of artificial flowers from your local craft store (or order them online) and get started on this Hawaiian floral project today.

Yield: 1 Wreath

Artificial Hawaiian Flower Wreath Tutorial

Image of a gold hoop wreath with palm leaves and pink hibiscus flowers on it.

Learn how to make this simple Hawaiian flower wreath using artificial flowers you can find at any craft store. This is perfect for backyard luaus or Moana parties!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Wreath Ring
  • Palm Leaves
  • Pink Hibiscus Flowers
  • Floral Tape


  • Wire Cutters
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors


  1. Using the wire cutters cut 4 pieces of palm, leaving a couple of inches so that you have some to attach to the metal hoop
  2. The hibiscus flowers will just pop off of the stems
  3. Next cut a section of the floral tape about 6 inches. Start by wrapping the stem of the palm with the tape and then around the hoop. Repeat this with the remaining 3 palms. (2 on each side)
  4. Next apply some hot glue to the bottom of the Hibiscus flowers (3) and place them in between the palms on the metal hoop. Allow for them to dry before hanging on the wall.


You can easily add in or swap the flowers to change it up.

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