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Best Snorkeling in Maui for Families

Alert for Visitors: Maui has experienced significant wildfires in August 2023, causing major disruption for both locals and tourists. For your safety and up-to-date information, please visit the Maui County website before planning any activities or travels. Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated. Stay safe!

Are you planning a trip to Hawaii and wondering about the best places to snorkel in Maui? Keep scrolling to find out the best snorkeling in Maui for families worth checking out.

Planning a trip to Maui with your family?

You’re in for an amazing time – Maui is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and there’s so much to do and see! One of our favorite activities is snorkeling – you can find some of the best snorkeling spots right here on the island.

Snorkeling is a must-do activity when you go on a trip to Maui with your family. Maui has some of the best snorkeling places to see exotic fish, turtles, and so much more.

With all the different snorkeling tours to choose from, deciding which one is the best for your family can become overwhelming.

Here is your guide to all of the best snorkeling places in Maui for families!

Keep scrolling as I go over some of the best places to see turtles in Maui, along with the best snorkeling in Maui for beginners.

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Best Kid-Friendly Maui Tours/Activities

Best Kid-Friendly Maui Resorts

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  • Honua Kai Resort & Spa (this is one of our personal favorites because there are tons of pools and there are condo options)
  • Fairmont Kea Lani (this is a swanky resort with incredible kids’ programming and an awesome pool area)

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Snorkeling in Maui Hawaii FAQs

What is the best snorkeling beach in Maui?

There are so many great beaches to snorkel on in Maui. One of the best snorkeling beaches in Maui is Turtle Town or Honolua Bay. Read below to see all of the best Maui snorkeling spots!

What time is best to snorkel in Maui?

The best time to snorkel in Maui is between 10 am and 2 pm. This is usually when the sun is high in the sky, so you can see into the water more clearly. However, there are some nice Maui night snorkeling tours that are pretty fun too!

Does Maui have good snorkeling?

Maui has some of the best snorkeling places out of all the islands. You can usually go swimming with sea turtles in Maui, as you snorkel at Turtle Town.

Where in Maui can you not snorkel?

It is not safe to snorkel alone or in murky waters. Make sure to be safe and don’t snorkel in Maui if the weather conditions are not good.

Best Places to Snorkel in Maui

Here you will find some of the best snorkeling in Maui. Each of these locations has a lot of sea life to see and enjoy during your trip to Maui.

1. Turtle Town a.k.a Maluaka Beach

Maluaka Beach is another great spot if you are in Wailea and want to go snorkeling. Both sides of this beach have plenty of marine life to explore. You will see humuhumunukunukuapua’a, sea turtles, brown surgeonfish, and so much more!

Maluaka Beach aka Turtle Town in Maui is perfect for snorkeling
Turtle Town is at Maluaka Beach

Part of Maluaka Beach is called Turrtle Town.

Turtle Town is famous for its amazing turtles and great snorkeling spots. Here, you will find plenty of great fishes and other sea life to explore. This spot is only accessible by boat, so go with one of the tours mentioned below!

2. Honolua Bay

Walk through the forest and head to the beach at Honolua Bay! This is a great spot to snorkel when the weather is calm. Coral surrounds both sides of the bay, so there is plenty of fish and sea life to explore.

Honolua Bay, Maui is perfect for snorkeling or surfing
Honolua Bay on Maui.

Some things you might spot here include butterflyfish, manta rays, yellow tang, and maybe some turtles. This is one of the best snorkeling in Lahaina Maui places you’ll find.

3. Molokini Crater

Molokini Crater snorkeling is another place that is only accessible by boat but is one place you definitely want to experience during your vacation in Maui. At this Maui crater, snorkeling here, you will see around 250 species of fish and about 38 species of coral!

Exploring Molokini Crater in Maui, a guide featured by top Hawaii blog, Hawaii Travel with Kids.
Molokini Crater near Maui.

Molokini Crater is a volcanic caldera just off of Maui. This place has some of the best snorkeling adventures available in Hawaii and around the world. Be sure to grab a tour and head over there with your family! Check out my full guide to Molokini Crater!

4. Kapalua Bay

Kapalua Bay is another great kid-friendly snorkeling beach. When you go Kapalua snorkeling, you will see plenty of lava formations that are filled with sea life. Because this bay is calm, it is a great place for kids to snorkel or just play on the beach.

Kapalua Bay on Maui is great for snorkeling
Kapalua Bay on Maui.

The left side is a lot easier to get into the water with sloped sand. You might see some sea turtles in the morning, humuhumunukunukuapua’a and needlefish.

5. Kamaole Beach

For some Kihei snorkeling, head to any of the Kamaole Beaches. You will find calm waters and plenty of amenities close by to keep the entire family happy. Here you will find plenty of turtles and, if you’re lucky, some octopuses too!

6. Kaanapali Beach

If you go to Kaanapali Beach snorkeling during the winter season, you can hear the song of a whale underwater! Kaanapali Beach snorkeling is one of the most popular places to snorkel in Maui.

Find out the best things to do in Kaanapali Maui by top Hawaii blog Hawaii Travel with Kids. Image of Kaanapali Beach at sunset.
Ka’anapali Beach.

Here you might see some sea turtles, spotted eagle rays, and a few blacktip reef sharks along with plenty of fun tropical fishes.

7. Black Rock Beach

You will usually find calm waters at Black Rock Beach, making it another great location to snorkel in Maui. This beach can accommodate all skill levels of snorkelers, so the entire family can enjoy a day exploring the fish in Hawaii.

8. Baby Beach

Baby Beach is another famous beach in Maui that the entire family will enjoy. A coral reef around 100 feet out protects this beach from hard waves. It is a calm and shallow beach and usually has perfect conditions for kids of all ages to enjoy snorkeling!

9. Napili Bay

Most of the time, Napili Bay is very similar to Kapalua Bay and has soft sand and calm water. This is another great beach to go snorkeling in Maui.

Image of some grass and palm trees in front of Napili Bay on Maui.
Napili Bay.

The water is not very deep here, so beginners and children can enjoy seeing the sea life in Hawaii. You should be able to get some great pictures of the fish close up!

Best Maui Snorkeling Tours

Snorkeling tours help you know exactly where to snorkel to find the best fishes and sea life. Here are some of the best Maui snorkeling tours all over the island!

1. Maui Snorkeling Molokini Crater and Turtle Town

The Molokini Crater is an experience you don’t want to miss out on because it has some of the best snorkeling in Maui.

With this tour, go snorkeling to see the underwater lava formations and all the tropical fish surrounding these snorkeling places. This tour also allows you to snuba dive! Check the latest rates and availability.

2. Whale Watch & Snorkel Tour from Lahaina Harbor

This snorkeling tour is one of the best Lahaina snorkeling tours from Lahaina Harbor. This is a more intimate Lanai snorkeling trip from Maui.

During this snorkeling tour, you can see many tropical fish, turtles, octopuses, manta rays, and dolphins. Only 22 passengers are on this boat, so you will have plenty of opportunities to go exploring with your family!

One of the best parts of going on this tour is that the proceeds from the tickets help support marine research and wildlife conservation efforts. Check the latest rates and more information.

3. Turtle Town Snorkel

If you want to snorkel with only your family members, grab this Turtle Town Snorkel Tour! You will learn how to safely swim with the Green Hawaiian Sea Turtles and other marine life during this tour.

All snorkel gear, including life jackets, are provided! Check the latest rates and more information.

4. Molokini and Turtle Arches Snorkeling Trip

This tour is another fun snorkeling trip to Molokini Crater. Here you can explore the huge marine life this crater offers and snorkel at Turtle Arches reef. Breakfast and lunch will be provided with this tour. After snorkeling, you’ll cruise around to see the seabirds and the red rocks.

In total, this snorkeling trip will be five hours long. Check the latest rates and more information.

5. West Maui Half Day Snorkel from Ka’anapali Beach

If you are staying on the west side of Maui, this is the perfect West Maui snorkeling trip!

This snorkeling tour leaves from Ka’anapali Beach and is one of the best Ka’anapali snorkeling tours you will find. This is a half-day adventure where you will find dolphins, sea turtles, fish, and maybe even whales! Check out the latest rates and more information.

6. Molokini Snorkeling Adventure Aboard Calypso

This Molokini snorkeling adventure takes place in a glass-bottom boat. Your children can enjoy looking at the amazing sea life without even getting in the water!

This snorkeling trip is perfect for families with toddlers and small children because they will still get to see the fish even if they can’t swim. There is also a fun waterslide on the boat too!

There are lifeguards along this tour that will help teach you where to go to find the best marine life while staying safe. Check the latest rates and more information.

7. Sea Scooter Snorkeling Tour

Kids will love to go on this Sea Scooter Snorkeling Tour! This is one of the best Wailea snorkeling tours for families not only because it is fun, but it is also a small tour group, so you can only be with your family while you snorkel.

This tour takes place right along Wailea Beach. Check the latest rates and more information.

8. Clear Kayak and Snorkel Adventure from Kihei

This is one of the most unique Kihei snorkeling tours on all of Maui! With this tour, you are in a see-through kayak so you can see all around you while you head out in the ocean. Ride out to Makena Landing Park in Wailea, where you can snorkel and enjoy more sea life in the water.

Depending on your family’s needs, you can do this snorkel adventure either in a private or group tour. This is definitely the tour to do for an exciting snorkeling trip, unlike the rest! Check the latest rates and more information.

Best Snorkeling in Maui Hawaii Wrap Up

Snorkeling in Maui, Hawaii, will be so much fun for the entire family! From heading to the beach yourself or taking a tour, there are plenty of fun snorkeling experiences in Maui you are sure to find one that’s a perfect fit for your family.

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