Ziplining in Hawaii: Where to Find the Best Zipline Courses

Are you planning a trip to Hawaii and want to do some epic Hawaii adventures? Keep scrolling to find out the best Hawaii zipline tours worth checking out.

Maui, Kauai, Oahu and the Big Island of Hawaii are home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And if you’re planning a trip there this year you might be wondering how to best spend your time outside of sunbathing and surfing.

Ziplining is always a great option for an adventure on vacation! And Hawaii ziplining offers tourists impressive views of the varied landscape.

If you’re in the planning stages of a family adventure and want to add zip lining in Hawaii to your vacation bucket list, these options throughout the Hawaiian islands offer up some of the best places to zipline.

Here’s our guide to ziplining in Hawaii so that you can plan your next trip accordingly.

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Hawaii Zipline FAQs

Is ziplining in Hawaii safe?

Ziplining may be one of the most popular activities in Hawaii, but it can also be a little dangerous. Researchers at Ohio State University found that it’s about as dangerous as rock climbing. So, how do you know if a company is safe to go with? The best way to choose a Hawaii zipline operator is by looking for their license and insurance information on sites like TripAdvisor before booking your adventure!

How much does ziplining cost in Hawaii?

The cost of ziplining Hawaii really varies depending on the number of ziplines and how long of a tour your book. Most of the tours I listed below range from about $50-$200. You can also sometimes add on other activities like kayaking, hiking, or ATVing to create a Hawaii adventure package.

Is there a Waikiki zipline?

I know a lot of people are staying in Waikiki and hope there’s an easy zipline in Waikiki or Honolulu. Unfortunately, you’ll have to go further away from the city to do a zipline on Oahu. Kualoa Ranch is a popular option because they have a lot of other activities there. It’s helpful if you can rent a car to get there, as it’s a really long bus ride.

What is a Zipline Canopy Tour?

Born as a way for biologists to easily move between canopies above the rainforests in the 1970s, ziplining first became popular in Costa Rica.

The appeal of this minimally invasive, adventure sport quickly caught on is now a thriving industry in resorts and adventure camps all over the world. 

The Hawaiian islands are home to several zipline companies offering a wide variety of tours and packages for tourists.

Find out my top tips for ziplining in Hawaii for beginners. Image of a girl ziplining in the jungle.

Hawaii Ziplining Tips for Beginners

If you’re new to ziplining, there are a few key rules to keep in mind that are universal to most zipline tour providers. Safety is the top priority and as such, it is important to adhere to basic regulations and rules. Your tour guide will ensure you’re suited up properly and advise you every step of the way.

Make a Reservation Before You Go

Book your Hawaii zipline tour in advance to save the day. Is there anything more frustrating than showing up at a beautiful destination only to find out that you don’t have time for an activity that is important or meaningful?

For many, one of those activities happens to be going on a Hawaii ziplining tour! Make sure this doesn’t happen by booking ahead of time and getting it handled before heading off into paradise.

Once booked, make sure you keep track of the confirmation information so when you arrive everything will go smoothly with no stress whatsoever (including trying not missing any safety presentations).

Plan for Travel and Tour Time

The zipline tours are a must do while visiting Hawaii, but it’s important to plan your day accordingly. It’s really easy to over-schedule in Hawaii without considering the driving time to/from your activities.

GPS ahead of time to figure out how long it will take to get from your resort to the zipline tour. Plus, research the length of a zipline course so you can plan for enough hours there. This will save you a lot of stress.

Don’t Bring Too Much Stuff

Loose items such as phones, cameras, keys, and water bottles are NOT allowed on many zipline tours in Hawaii because they might fall out. This rule is for the safety of people working under these lines who might get injured by unsecured objects going over their heads.

If you do decide to take your phone or camera with you, be sure it will stay put. You don’t want that nice new iPhone falling out mid-ride somewhere in the jungle!

What to Wear Ziplining in Hawaii

Close-toed shoes are usually recommended while ziplining. You’ll also want to choose comfortable clothing before you set out on your adventure. The last thing you want is to be fussing with tank top straps that keep falling off or shorts that are uncomfortable. Definitely check with the tour company for any clothing restrictions.

Since you’ll be in the sun for long periods of time, sunscreen and insect repellent are a must. You’ll also want to stay hydrated under the hot Hawaii sun.

Where to Zipline in Hawaii

Find out where to go ziplining in Hawaii Big Island by top Hawaii blog Hawaii Travel with Kids. Image of a woman ziplining in the jungle.

Ziplining in Hawaii (Big Island)

Just an hour from Kailua Kona, Kohala Zipline offers two fun ziplining packages for guests over the age of eight.

Whether you spend a few hours exploring the Kahola canopy, or indulge in an entire day out in the forest you’re sure to have a great time taking in the natural landscape along this private nature reserve. Check latest rates and more information.

Guests can book a 3-hour canopy tour that takes them along 9 ziplines and over 5 sky bridges on the Kohala Canopy Adventure. For a full canopy immersion, consider the 8-hour tour that immerses adventurous zipliners in the tall forest complete with a picnic and refreshing swim under a waterfall.

For a family-friendly ziplining experience near Hilo on the Island of Hawaii, Umauma Falls Zipline Skyline is the perfect option.

Zipliners as young as four will enjoy seeing a river gorge, waterfalls and lava tube from this vantage point. The Hilo zipline tours are 90-minutes long which is ideal for a family looking for ziplining adventure and fun without a huge time commitment. Check latest rates and more information.

There’s also the Kolekole Falls Big island Zipline Adventure that’s a fun choice. You’ll get to go on not one but seven different ziplines and soar over cascading waterfalls as you glide across green valleys, ravines filled with streams and waterfalls at high speeds.

The seventh will take you close up to a 450-foot ravine where a 250-foot Kolekole waterfall can be seen in all its glory! This was voted the best zipline in Hawaii and it’s fun for the whole family. It’s some of the best ziplining in Big Island Hawaii. Check latest rates and more information.

Ziplining on Kauai is a popular thing to do in Kauai. Image of a woman smiling while ziplining.
Ziplining on Kauai. Photo credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Tor Johnson

Where to go Ziplining on Kauai Hawaii

Out of all the Hawaiian islands, I’d say Kauai ziplining is probably the most memorable. And many travelers claim Kauai has the best ziplining in Hawaii. That’s partly because it’s home to the largest zipline in Hawaii.

If you’re heading to Kauai and looking for a variety of things to do, Outfitters Kauai provides several options, in addition to the longest zipline in Hawaii. These Kauai zipline tours are super popular.

If you want to incorporate a kayak tour and downhill biking into your ziplining in Kauai Hawaii adventure, there are add-on packages available to help create the ultimate adventure. Check latest rates and more information.

There’s also the Koloa Zipline Flyin’ Kauaian Adventure in Poipu. Soar above famous movie sites and Hawaii’s first sugar plantation. This 3.5 hour 8 line adventure takes you zig-zagging throughout the 22,000 acres of plantation property that is the Old Koloa Sugar Mill!

Zip traditional style or try one of a kind Flyin’ Hawaiian Harness for head first zip action in superman fashion to go hands free or even upside down without holding on at all! I think this Kauai Hawaii zipline is the best zipline Hawaii has to offer! Check latest rates and more information.

Another Kauai zipline option is Skyline Hawaii. Visitors can choose from either an 8-line or 5-line Kauai canopy tour. Skyline Hawaii offers the only plank-launch in Hawaii. Skyline Hawaii was voted one of the best zipline companies in Hawaii. Check latest rates and more information.

But, these are just a few Kauai ziplining experiences. You can see the full list HERE.

Find out where to go ziplining on Maui by top Hawaii blog Hawaii Travel with Kids. Image of a woman smiling on a zipline.

Where to go Ziplining in Maui Hawaii

Kapalua Zipline, located on the west side of Maui offers day-long zipline adventures. You’ll enjoy a scenic, lush drive through pineapple fields to the top of the forest. Once at the forest, visitors can enjoy three separate ziplines. Check latest rates and more information.

They’ll soar upwards of 60 miles per hour over the vast landscape. Kapalua Zipline is also home to the Kapalua Bridge which spans 360-feet. It’s the longest suspension bridge in Hawaii and the highest pedestrian bridge in the country.

This is the best zipline in Maui for people staying in Lahaina and Ka’anapali.

There’s also the Camp Maui Zipline Tour on the North Shore. Kids as young as 5 years old can participate, making it one of the best things to do on Maui with kids.

If you have ever wanted to fly through the treetops, then this is your chance! Spend a day high up in Maui’s tree lines zipping across seven different ziplines with multiple aerial deck transfers and unsurpassed views of the Pacific Ocean. Check latest rates and more information.

You’ll be harnessed into a three-point safety system that allows for complete free range of motion so go ahead and spin around while you zoom down these amazing courses – it will make all those dizzy spells worth it! This is one of the best ziplining on Maui tours for families.

Of course, there are more Maui zipline adventures. You can check out my post about the best kid-friendly Maui zipline tours HERE.

Find out where to go ziplining on Oahu Hawaii by top Hawaii blog Hawaii Travel with Kids. Image of a man wearing a blue shirt ziplining.

Where to go Ziplining in Oahu Hawaii

For people who love ziplining, Oahu has a bunch of Oahu zipline tours for people of all ages.

Imagine ziplining through a tropical fruit farm on Oahu. Keana Farms is home to CLIMBWORKS where their mission is to provide a ziplining adventure for beginners. The company’s name comes from the acronym C.L.I.M.B., Challenge, Learn, Inspire, Master and Believe.

They invite guests to conquer their fears in a safe, controlled environment while learning about Oahu’s North Shore. Check latest rates and more information.

There are several other locations for families looking to zipline on Oahu. Two of these include the Kualoa Ranch and Coral Crater Adventure Park.

Kualoa Ranch lets visitors zipline Honolulu’s private nature ranch. Many families say this is the best zipline in Oahu Hawaii.

Visitors can explore the ranch via a trolley tour or go on a jungle Jeep adventure. The ranch also offers kayaking , ATV adventures, horseback riding and of course zipline at Ka‘a‘awa Valley. Check latest rates and more information.

Coral Crater Adventure Park offers a variety of adventures and experiences in Honolulu. Zipline tours can be added to off-road adventure tours and packages. Coral Crater is a perfect family-friendly adventure park on Oahu and even offers birthday party packages. Check latest rates and more information.

Wrap Up

Soaring through the air, overlooking gorgeous beaches, volcanic landscapes through lush green canopies is the ideal way to spend an afternoon. Ziplining is an exhilarating experience and one that will provide memories that will last a lifetime.

Ziplining across the varied landscape of Hawaii is a one-of-a-kind way to explore and immerse yourself in the beauty and appeal of this beautiful state.

Want to know more about ziplining in Hawaii? See where to zipline on Kauai and Maui!