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Guide to the Oahu Byodo-In Temple

Are you planning a trip to Oahu and want to see an amazing sunflower field in Hawaii? Keep scrolling to find out how to visit the Oahu Byodo-In Temple.

There are so many fun places to visit in Oahu, and the Byodo-In Temple is one of the most beautiful places on Oahu that is definitely a place you want to stop and see one day during your trip. 

Never heard of this Buddhist temple, or are you wondering if it is worth your time? Here is your ultimate guide to the Oahu Byodo-In Temple! 

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Ultimate Guide to the Oahu Byodo-In Temple

The Byodo-In Temple is one of the most scenic places in Oahu. You will love the peaceful serenity that you find here. Here is everything you need to know about this beautiful temple before going! 

What is the Oahu Byodo-In Temple? 

The Byodo-In Temple in Oahu is a Buddhist temple that was built in 1968. Currently, it is a non-practicing temple that allows visitors. 

Image of a Japanese temple in Hawaii
The Byodo-In Temple is one of the most photographed places on Oahu. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

It represents Buddhism in Hawaii, as well as the Japanese immigrants who came to work on the sugar cane plant over 100 years ago. 

This temple is a smaller version of the original one built in Japan. Even though it is a non-practicing temple, it is still a very sacred place to visit. 

Where is the Buddhist Temple in Oahu?

You can find this beautiful Buddhist temple in Kaneohe. It is located right at the bottom of the Ko’olau Mountains in the Valley of the Temples Memorial Park. 

You will need to drive through a cemetery and you might question yourself if you are in the right place. Just keep driving.

How to Get to the Temple

Once you arrive, you will see the Valley of the Temple’s Cemetery, where you will head in and go past the little hut at the front.

Keep going on the winding road all the way to the end. There you will find a parking lot and the entrance to the temple! 

Image of a boy walking across a bridge to a red temple on Oahu
Even the bridge over to the temple is pretty! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

You will walk through a beautiful green garden, followed by a red Japanese-style bridge, to finally reach the temple. 

After you pay the admission fee, you can walk around and explore the entire temple and surrounding area. 

How much does it cost to visit the Byodo Temple in Hawaii? 

To enter and explore the Byodo Temple in Hawaii, it costs $5 for adults, $4 for senior citizens, and $2 for kids up to 12 years old. 

Image of a red ticket booth at the Byodo In Temple on Oahu
This is where you’ll buy tickets to visit the Byodo-In Temple. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

To visit one of the most beautiful places in Oahu, $5 is not bad at all! 

When is this temple open? 

You can visit this temple anytime between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. It is open every day of the week too! It is closed on certain holidays, so if you are taking a trip to Oahu during the holiday season, be sure to check if they are open or not. 

Is there a dress code for the Byodo-In Temple? 

There is no dress code for the Byodo-In Temple. They only require you to remove your shoes before entering the temple.

Please remove your shoes before entering the Byodo-In Temple on Oahu. Image of a sign saying please remove shoes before entering Buddhist temple.
This is the only main dress code. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

It is a sacred place, so as long as you treat it as such, you will be good to go! 

Can I visit the Byodo Temple if I am not religious? 

You are more than welcome to explore this peaceful place even if you aren’t practicing Buddhism or any other religion. This temple welcomes anyone and everyone. You will still find it a peaceful, beautiful place regardless of your faith. 

How much time do you spend at the Byodo-In Temple? 

Anywhere between 40-120 minutes. It is one of the prettiest places in Oahu, and the most peaceful place, so you will want to spend as much time as possible here. 

Image of a Japanese temple on Oahu Hawaii
Even the backside of the temple is pretty! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

To see the temple and everything around it and take some pictures, plan for an hour or an hour and a half. 

The nice thing about visiting this Buddhist temple is that there is no time restraint. If you need a quick in-and-out trip, you can do that! If you want to stay longer, you are more than welcome too. It all depends on your itinerary. 

Can you take pictures at the Byodo-In Temple?

Because this is one of the Instagrammable places in Oahu, of course you can take pictures here! Taking pictures from your phone or on a handheld camera is allowed. 

Image of a mom and boy snuggling in front of a Japanese temple in Hawaii
This is a “glamorous” shot of my son and me! Photo credit: Julie Wirtz

If you plan to do an entire photoshoot at this Oahu photography spot, you’ll want to check out their photography permits for further information. 

This is one of the prettiest places in Hawaii, so you’ll definitely want to bring your camera! 

What is there to do at the Buddhist Temple in Oahu, Hawaii? 

Some may think this is just a simple Buddhist temple, but it is so much more than that! There are plenty of things you can do at the Byodo-In Temple. 

Take Pictures 

Because it does have the best views in Oahu, especially of the Ko’olau Mountains, you’ll want to take some awesome pictures here. 

Try to capture different angles to get the mountains in the background, the entire temple, the greenery surrounding it, and everything else. Taking pictures here will help bring some of the peace you find here back to your home! 

Visit the Reflection Pond 

The reflection pond is right at the entrance of the temple and is where there are hundreds of beautiful orange koi fish.

Image of a boy watching koi fish at the Byodo-In Temple on Oahu
My son loved watching the koi swim around in the pond. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

It is a beautiful calm pond to see your reflection, visit the fish, and simply enjoy. 

Feed the Wildlife 

You can feed the fishes in the reflection pond! Before heading to the pond, go to the gift shop and buy some food. The food you feed the fish could also be fed to the chickens and birds. 

Image of a sign that says peacocks are wild therefore please keep a safe distance especially children
Just don’t feed or bother the peacocks. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

The fish will absolutely love it, and so will your kids if you bring them along. This is usually one of the best places on temple grounds for little ones to enjoy. 

Ring the Sacred Bell

The other place that kids especially will love is ringing the sacred bell. It is a huge bronze and tin bell that is a replica of the one in Uji, Japan. It is custom to ring the bell before entering the temple. 

Image of a boy ringing a massive bell inside a red Asian-style structure at the Byodo-In Temple in Hawaii
My son LOVED ringing the bell! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

While it is a bell, it is not a loud, annoying sound; it is actually a deep low sound that is quite relaxing. You will hear the bell throughout your entire visit, but it won’t be bothersome at all. 

It is said that ringing the bell helps to clear your mind and get rid of all evil spirits and temptations. Ringing the bell will also bring peace, happiness, blessings, and long life as well. 

Explore the Temple

Remove your shoes before entering the temple and enjoy looking at all its beauty inside. Take a moment to stop and notice what you feel. You will probably have a great feeling of peace as you explore all the temple has to offer. 

Image of a golden Buddha statue inside the Byodo-In Temple on Oahu
This is the largest statue inside the Byodo-In Temple in Hawaii. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

Right at the front of the temple is the Amida, a golden Buddha. It is over 9 feet tall! There are 52 smaller sculptures throughout the temple as well. See if you can spot them all! 

Meditate at the Pavilion

Behind the temple on a little hill is the peaceful pavilion. Here you can take some time to meditate and take in the surrounding nature and its beauty. 

Image of a boy sitting inside an Asian-style pavilion at the Byodo-In Temple on Oahu
This is such a serene spot to reflect. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

We loved how this pavilion is tucked away from the crowds. It’s a great spot to enjoy a few moments of quiet.

Walk Around the Peaceful Garden

If you have time, be sure to walk around the garden while you enjoy the serenity you find here.

Image of a small Buddha shrine in the jungle of Oahu
The grounds are simply beautiful. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

Temple grounds are full of beauty, and the garden is a great spot to take more pictures! 

Head to the Gift Shop

If you want to feed the wildlife here, you’ll need to head to the gift shop to buy the food. However, it is also a place to grab some unique local artists’ souvenirs too! Many local vendors sell their artwork and crafts here. 

Image of a vendor table at the Byodo-In Temple in Hawaii
There are vendor tables outside the temple. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

Check out the awesome items you’ll find in the gift shop and grab a souvenir or two to remember your peaceful time at the temple! 

Image of a mom and boy taking a selfie with a Japanese temple in the background
Quick selfie! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

Tips for Visiting the Byodo-In Temple on Oahu 

  1. Bring bug repellant! All the lush greenery makes for plenty of mosquitoes. 
  2. Bring cash. They do accept cards, but it doesn’t hurt to have some cash just in case! 
  3. You cannot feed the fish and birds with any food. You can only feed them with the food from the gift shop. This helps the fish not to get overfed. 
  4. Be sure to ring the bell before going to the temple! It is fun and helps bring you peace too. 

What do you do after the Byodo-In Temple? 

After you visit the Byodo-In Temple, head down to the Polynesian Cultural Center, Haleiwa, Kualoa Ranch, or to some of the best beaches on the North Shore to finish off your day on this side of the island. 

Byodo-In Temple in Hawaii FAQs

Is there food at the Byodo-In Temple?

Yes, there is a small food stand that sells lunch items. There’s also a place that sells smoothies. Otherwise, your best bet is to drive into Kaneohe and eat at one of their many restaurants.

What religion is Byodo-In Temple?

The Byodo-In Temple is a Japanese Buddhist temple.

Is the Byodo-In Temple in Hawaii a replica?

Yes! It’s actually a replica of Japan’s iconic Byodo-in Temple in Uji, Kyoto. The original was built more than 1,000 years ago!

Is the Byodo-In Temple worth it? 

It is worth it to visit the Byodo-In Temple! It is one of Oahu’s tourist spots that is great for new and returning visitors. 

Image of an informative display in front of the Byodo-In Temple
Check out the informative displays around the Byodo-In Temple. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

It is so peaceful, calm, and relaxing, which makes it one of the best places to go on Oahu. Plus, it is affordable for every budget! 

Stop by the Byodo-In Temple on your next Oahu vacation to see one of the most beautiful places on Oahu. You will find a sense of calmness that only this sacred place can give you. You won’t regret it!

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